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Ivanka Trump plans to write about her work in the “West Wing” of the White House

The French newspaper Le Figaro said that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump and his advisor, will publish a book in which she narrates her experience as an advisor to the President of the United States, which may be the cornerstone of a future political career dreamed of by Donald Trump’s “favorite girl”.

The newspaper quoted “Page Six”, a magazine specialized in celebrity news and rumors, that Ivanka Trump – who was drawn to the scenes of politics while accompanying her father to the White House – will now sponsor her ambition in political work in her own name.

The newspaper pointed out that the “favorite girl” of the outgoing US president had always dreamed of climbing the peaks on the lines of her father and her mentor, and now she would like to consolidate the political ascendancy that she aspires to by writing a book.

On December 26, Page Six quoted a source close to Ivanka Trump who said that she “recorded many observations about her time in the White House,” stressing that she intends to testify on her “residence in the West Wing.”

Page Six indicated that, in recent years, the US President’s advisor has not stopped “correcting what her friends think,” who think “wrongly” that she works only in the East Wing, which means that she wants to confirm that Trump has allowed her to enter the West Wing, It is the most important in the White House because it is dedicated to the executive power.

A book to respond to criticism
The source told the magazine, “The president’s daughter wants to set the record straight on a long list of problems, including responding to criticism,” so writing a new book is “one of the many options available to her.”

This book – which does not seem to be a priority for Ivanka Trump – will be the third he expected, according to a close source who told the magazine that the president’s daughter “focuses heavily this period on her family and the work she still has to do” before the end of her father’s term and handing over power to the president. The national team, Joe Biden, next January.

Le Figaro warned that the president’s daughter and advisor Jared Kushner’s wife is not the only person who thinks about writing about the “White House years” among those close to Trump, as his wife Melania is said to be considering doing the same thing, and she is negotiating to write her memoirs, to settle scores with her advisor. Ex Stephanie Winston Woolcove, who has published Melania and I, reveals their relationship and time in the White House.

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