1. Is anyone really surprised by this? Chan is a member of the CCP and is known to have deep connections to the party’s upper echelons. That’s like being surprised that Tim Allen votes Republican or George Clooney votes Democrat

  2. Jackie Chan didn’t join the circle jerk and everyone is mad.

    His response is totally understandable. The guy is 65 years old. He grew up somewhat poor in a time when Hong Kong was taken over by the British who mistreated the Chinese as second class citizens. Didn’t let anyone who wasn’t British into the government.

    It wasn’t till the 80s that the people of Hong Kong finally started to gain some control. Jackie will of course associate as a Chinese person who had to fight through British discrimination. He is upset because he sees the peace and comfort in comparison to the past. He doesn’t want to see his people get hurt in a relatively peaceful time.

    Most of the protesters are young and born during the golden era of Hong Kong. They are scared the peace and comfort will be taken by China.

    Both views are very understandable but people love to hate. Everyone loves a good witch burning.

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