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James Can even buys ‘half’ of Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe


image copyrightJames Can even/Twitter

image captionJames Can even has invested within the pub, “delighting” local residents

Television presenter James Can even says he has sold “half a pub” in a village with regards to his residence.

The Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe, with regards to Salisbury, Wiltshire, has been shut for the reason that coronavirus lockdown began in March.

In a tweet, Mr Can even wrote: “I’ve sold half a pub.”

Village resident Stephen Banas, acknowledged: “All of the village is delighted. I wasn’t conscious that he used to be within the marketplace for making an strive to search out a pub nonetheless I’m delighted.”

In 2012, local residents fought off a planning software program to flip the building into a house.

It used to be later sold by some local investors and reopened in 2015.

A shareholder of the pub, who didn’t wish be named, confirmed Mr Can even’s investment and acknowledged he hoped the pub would reopen in a month’s time.

Mr Can even has been approached for comment.

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