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Japan earthquake – Massive 7.0 magnitude tremor rocks Asia’s eastern coast

Japan earthquake – Massive 7.0 magnitude tremor rocks Asia’s eastern coast

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  2. Person from Japan here. The highest magnitude was 4.0 in Hokkaido, which isn’t really considered a threat at all.
    The Sun – bringing you the highest level of journalism once again.

  3. A 7.0 earthquake has 1% of the power of the 9.0 Tohoku Japanese earthquake (and resulting tsunami) of 2011. The Richter scale is logorhythmic with each whole number increase being 10x bigger.

  4. > The magnitude 7 quake was registered 60 miles south east of Russia’s isolated Kuril Islands at a depth of 100 miles.

  5. Got my 2020 shades on. Devs are killing it with all the increases in RNG disasters for the 2020 patch.

  6. 4 of them! I hope this doesn’t make tsunami damage or hurt anyone. So scary.

  7. Mark another one for our boy, Frankie MacDonald! (LOUD!) https://youtu.be/1BWsf2mYRCc

  8. Seems the Earth has had enough of us lately.

  9. [Shindo 4](http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake/20200213103939393-13193432.html) on the Japanese scale. Not good, not terrible. [JMA](http://www.jma.go.jp/en/tsunami/) issued no tsunami warning as of yet.

  10. I’m in Hakodate and felt this one. It was registered as a 3 in the local area, and most places that felted it was rated as a 3 and 4.

  11. Taxi driver infected with corona, woman died of corona and earthquake…. Seems like Japan is getting the Australia treatment wish you good luck guys

  12. I’m gonna need Japan to stop it with this coronavirus and earthquake shit. I have to be in Tokyo in two weeks.

  13. 7.0 in the middle of the ocean is not even worth a mention.

  14. 2020 be like… “how can I top myself this month?”

  15. Don’t use The Sun as a source. Should be a strict Internet rule on that.

  16. Imagine having to fight both a coronavirus and an earthquake. Good luck people of Japan, the apocalypse is upon us.

  17. Earthquake: 7.0 BITCHES!!!!

    Japan: Hey Sasuke, did you feel something?

    Earthquake: *shocked pikachu*

    E: Fucking people have 0 understanding of how common a 7 is for the Japanese… this shit happens several times a year there. This is like a 4 to Californians

  18. Oh dear, oh shit, oh fuck, not again!

  19. Why earth gotta be pissed at us

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