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Japan PM Abe says postponing Tokyo Olympics an option

Japan PM Abe says postponing Tokyo Olympics an option

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  1. An option? No fucking shit.

    God I wish they’d just cancel it. Everybody knows it not happening. No chance at all.

  2. You can tell that the Olympics is nothing but a cash grab for Abe because he completely forgot the entire point of what the Olympics is supposed to be about. The Olympics, despite all the bullshit that’s been piled onto it over the years, is when the entire world gets together for some sports and games. Fuck the politics and economics and let’s just see who can throw a cannonball the furthest.

    But does anyone think that countries are going to care about some sports when there’s a global pandemic going on? Who’s going to watch sports when doctors are dying, trying to save patients? People really need to call out the Japanese on all the bullshit they’ve been doing lately.

  3. Shouldn’t be an “option”. Shame on anyone still choosing to participate or attend.

  4. You can throw the party but if nobody shows up, party over

  5. No. Don’t cancel the Olympics. Just don’t have an audience.

  6. People saying just postpone need to remember the amount of Sports involved in the Olympics and the Governing bodies involved with those sports. You can’t just postpone something when most of the sports have their schedule based around the Olympics. For example Athletics have their World Championships next summer, so you move the Olympics to next summer then you got to reschedule that.

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