1. Both economies will hurt, and both sides will claim a martini all security violation. Japan will falsely accuse S Korea of illegally exporting products to N Korea, while Japan will be accused of starting a trade war that can cripple both economies. A lot of those Japanese companies that rely on Korean buyers will get run out of business, furthering Japan’s economic crunch.

    Nobody wins, and it’s all over a 100m settlement that Japan said they settled with Korea in the 1960s directly after a coup in S Korea. Japan negotiated with a warlord and a corrupt government for favorable terms, instead of negotiating with the people effected by their enslavement.

    Japan really wonders why there is so much anti Japanese sentiment in Korea and the rest of Asia? Look at how they educate their students on their history of oppression. It would be like America forgetting to write about the colonization and just saying “it happened” without going into detail, yet coming up with ways to deflect the international sentiment.

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