Home / news / Japanese decision to give Indonesia a ship to help them protect against illegal fishing angers Chinese officials.

Japanese decision to give Indonesia a ship to help them protect against illegal fishing angers Chinese officials.

Japanese decision to give Indonesia a ship to help them protect against illegal fishing angers Chinese officials.

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  2. Okay Japan, give them two more ships!

    Edit: Thank you for the silver!

  3. Good job Japan. If the Chinese are angry you probably did something right

  4. I always hear about China been offended but they don’t give a shit about others. Respect given when respect is received. China needs to stop been hypocritical and immature.

  5. China has the most corrupt and most destructive fishery on the ocean, next to Indonesia

    They are a big reason our oceans fisheries are in such terrible shape in the Pacific, the South China Sea is basically a graveyard now

  6. Easy fix: stop illegally fishing

  7. China is such a bully, good riddance.

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  9. This is Civilization level shade throwing shit.

  10. So when you buy fish, and the country of origin (C.O.O.) says China, you are supporting the Chinese military (whose militarized Coast Guard escorts Chinese Fishing fleet incursions into poor nation’s territorial waters)

    China is using their military to rob from poor countries in order to sell to American and European big box stores cheap fish, while depleting the last remaining wild fish stocks.

    Time to boycott Chinese seafood people.

  11. Oh, let me guess: Some Chinese bureaucrat will demand that somebody humbly repent their mistaken whatever, and apologize for their unfortunate error or whatever.

  12. Chinese President is Winnie the Pooh

  13. Hey China, stop decimating fish populations and follow the fucking rules!

  14. Chinese officials were quoted saying “COUGH COUGH COUGH HACK *throat clear* COUGH COUGH.”

  15. Wait…. Japan is defending against illegal fishing… the same Japan that does a huge dolphin hunt every year? Wow, China must suck hard!

  16. Isn’t Japan also illegally Whaling?

  17. This news makes me so happy. I love ships.

  18. To be fair, everything angers Chinese officials.

  19. I skim through the article but I didn’t read any part which says Chinese officials are angered at this.

    Maybe the OP got it from another articles? And which Chinese Official is angry about this?

  20. Who gives a flying fuck about what “angers” China! Fuck China and fuck MSG and I say that with all of the love in my heart!

  21. Hey Xi! Go suck a corona virus infected cock you Winni The Pooh looking fuck.

  22. Respect China’s Pooh or he’ll eat your dog!

  23. As a naval warfare buff, a 741 ton ship doesn’t seem very large for an area as large as it will be patrolling. Are there any weapons on board? Just one? Seems more like a PR stunt than anything.

    I’m happy to be proven wrong, because, well, fuck China.

  24. What about bringing back the concept of letter of marque, yarr.

  25. This is a hilarious troll by Japan. Costs them pennies to piss off China.

  26. Yes indeed. Positioning to attack Taiwan. Friend of mine from Taiwan said nothing to worry about kmt they want to come to Taiwan like ‘ a dove’. Bullshit. They will crush them and lie like Hong Kong.

  27. hey japan, stop killing whales please.

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