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‘Jihadi Jack’ stripped of British citizenship

‘Jihadi Jack’ stripped of British citizenship

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  1. That’s good. Every person that left a country to join ISIS shouldn’t be allowed back.

  2. He threw his citizenship away as soon as he joined that cult. He should also be executed for treason.

  3. Isn’t this the asshole who got hit with a cruise missle

  4. Well he’s the one who threw it away when he treated it like trash

  5. >14 comments at the top

    >6 comments visible in the thread

    That’s a whole lot of shadow bans

    Source for those shadowsbanned: https://ibb.co/tLQXTKD

  6. Is this like Samurai jack’s wayward brother or disciple? Who goes and fights for crazed zealots? Like how is that protesting your country?

  7. Guess what, now he’ll beg the Canadians to let him in and Trudeau is a wet noodle. Look for Jack to get his chance after the Canadian election if Trudeau wins.

    This little shit should remain where he is.

  8. Somewhere between 6 months to a year ago this guy was in the news. As many people here did, i pretty much wrote this guy off. Someone asked me for proof and i happily went to google, because for some reason i could swear i remember videos or pictures of this guy with terrorists and was obviously part of the group. I couldn’t find ANYTHING when i looked. Couldn’t find video, couldn’t find pictures, and every update in the news from him or his family has maintained the entire time that he was NOT part of ISIS, and didn’t condone or support their actions. After doing some more digging i found that it was just down to some british tabloids making the claims without any real evidence besides the fact he was in the area. What that tabloid failed to mention is that he was in the area long before ISIS started up, and when things heated up he went to see what was happening and help people if he could. Ever since he has been branded as Jihadi Jack. So if you hate this guy and want him to pay for what he has done, do me a favour, look for some actual evidence that he was working with them or at any time said anything positive about ISIS. I couldn’t find it.

  9. Let Canada deal with him now bwahahah

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