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Jordan warns of an Israeli apartheid regime as an alternative to the two-state solution

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi warned that the alternative to the two-state solution would be the one-state option that leads to an apartheid regime, calling for clear positions against Israel’s unilateral measures related to building settlements, demolishing Palestinian homes and confiscating their lands.

This came in statements after the fourth ministerial meeting within the framework of the Munich Group, which was held on Monday in Egypt, with the participation of Egyptian Foreign Ministers Sameh Shoukry, French Jean-Yves Le Drian, and German Heiko Maas.

Safadi criticized the Israeli government’s plans to build new settlements in the occupied West Bank, saying that this step “represents a flagrant violation of international law.”

Earlier Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he was working on moving forward with building about 800 new housing units for settlers in the West Bank.

In a related context, “Israel Today” newspaper said that Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi met with Safadi in an unannounced meeting in Jordan, without specifying the exact date of the meeting, but the two ministers had previously met in the Kingdom in early December.

The Israeli newspaper said that the meeting dealt with regional strategic issues and strengthening economic cooperation, noting that Ashkenazi is working to reduce tensions with Jordan.

Direct talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis were suspended for nearly 7 years after the failure of the last attempt in April 2014, despite the efforts of (then) US Secretary of State John Kerry.

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