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Karabakh … An international condemnation of the bombing of civilians in Ganja, Turkey accuses the Minsk group of siding with Armenia

Azerbaijan and Armenia exchanged accusations of violating the humanitarian armistice that they reached through Russian mediation, while the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, condemned the attack on the Azerbaijani city of Ganja.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense accused Armenia of not complying with the humanitarian armistice, and of seeking to increase tension on the battle fronts.

An Azeri statement said that the Armenian forces flagrantly violated the new ceasefire agreement, and the statement also condemned artillery shelling and attacks targeting 4 towns near the line of fire, which were completely repelled.

On the other hand, the Armenian Foreign Ministry renewed its accusations to Azerbaijan of deliberately targeting cities and civilian infrastructure in the Nagorno-Karabakh region and in the Armenian cities.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry also strongly criticized what it called the European Union’s failure to respond clearly to what it described as manifestations of war crimes committed by Azerbaijan, as far as it was described.

The city of Ganja became a target of Armenian bombing during the (European) battles.

International condemnation

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the United Nations condemned the Armenian attack with a Scud missile on the city of Ganja on Friday evening, which killed 13 civilians and wounded more than 45 others, as well as the destruction of more than 20 homes.

Stefan Dujarric, a spokesman for the Secretary-General, said in a statement that Guterres condemned all attacks on populated areas affected by the conflict.

Guterres expected that the two sides would fully abide by the humanitarian truce announced, and would resume the substantive negotiations without delay.

The two sides exchange accusations of violating the humanitarian armistice (Anatolia)

Turkish accusations

In the context, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the trio of Minsk Group (Russia, the United States and France) stand by Armenia and support it with all kinds of weapons, explaining that the group’s countries have been unable to solve the crisis 30 years ago.

In a speech delivered in the city of Sirnak (southeast of Turkey), Erdogan stressed that Armenia violated the ceasefire with Azerbaijan shortly after it took effect.

On Sunday, the President of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Shantoub, went to Azerbaijan on an official visit, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation, at the invitation of President Ilham Aliyev.

Azeri field progress

On the ground, a spokesman for the Armenian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that the Azerbaijani army was able to record some steps in one of the battle sectors on the southern front after violent clashes, but added that this is a fifth-generation battle and that some steps back or forth are not that important.

The spokesman added that the Azerbaijani forces could not achieve great success on the northern front, while they were repelled in one of the sectors of the southern front.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani forces raised the flag of their country over the Khodaverin Bridge, which connects Iranian lands with the city of Gabriel, which the Azerbaijani army declared liberated recently.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev posted scenes on his Twitter page, documenting the raising of the national flag on the aforementioned bridge.

A new humanitarian truce was announced between the two countries on Saturday at midnight, after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke by phone with his counterparts in Azerbaijan and Armenia, and called on the two sides to implement the truce that he had brokered a week ago.

The battles that broke out 3 weeks ago resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people, but the losses are likely greater because both camps confirm that thousands of enemy ranks have been killed.

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