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Knife between the teeth .. Learn about the policy of the new head of Mossad

The surprise announcement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to appoint a deputy head of the Mossad, nicknamed (D), as head of the intelligence apparatus to succeed the current President Yossi Cohen, who is supposed to complete his duties on the first of next June, sparked a debate on the Israeli political scene.

Netanyahu decided to appoint (D) as head of the Mossad without consulting Defense Minister Benny Gantz, in an indication of the depth of the rift between the poles of the government coalition and the way forward towards holding new elections in 2021.

While Netanyahu remained silent and refrained from commenting on criticism of his unilateral decision to appoint (D) as head of the Mossad to succeed Cohen, the Prime Minister’s Office referred a request to the advisory committee to appoint senior employees to approve the appointment of (D) as head of the Mossad, and then his name and identity would be revealed, knowing that he He is married with 4 children, and he is 55 years old.

According to information available on (D), he worked at the beginning of his life as an officer in the combat unit “Siret Matkal”, which is the most fighting and elite special unit in the Israeli army, before moving to work in the Mossad for 25 years, during which he was trained by the current president For the apparatus, which Netanyahu recommended choosing to be his heir and successor to the position.

Israeli sources said that (D) joined the Mossad at the age of 30, and joined the “Tsumt” division, which is the department that oversees the recruitment of agents for the Mossad intelligence and special missions from all over the world, and there he got to know his mentor Cohen, who was serving as the head of the department, as well as Besides recruiting, he also carried out complex covert operations.

For many years, the deputy chief of the Mossad was included in the apparatus and supervised the management of complex and complex operations carried out by the Mossad around the world.

The School of Perpetual Engagement

Referring to the seriousness, skills, and qualities of the expected Mossad chief, the journalist and expert on security, military and intelligence affairs, Ronen Bergman wrote an article in the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” entitled “A knife between the teeth”, indicating that he belongs to the school of former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and its current president Cohen, who Adopts the culture of engagement and leaving fingerprints.

Bergman believes that choosing Netanyahu (D) as head of the Mossad represents a form of support for one of the two most important schools in the Mossad, which believes in the need to adopt the largest possible number of operations that have a clear end and leave their effects and end with losses and substantial damage to the opponent, even in the event of an enemy having a situation Emergency.

The journalist, who is an expert in security and military affairs and Israeli intelligence, added that the second school adopts a policy of quiet and continuous work behind the scenes, and the activity is foggy and discreet to obtain intelligence information, and preparing the infrastructure for an emergency that may force Israel to inflict damage and losses on the enemy and the enemy, which is the traditional approach of the Mossad for decades several.

To understand the school, nature and implications of the approach adopted by the future head of the Mossad, Bergman believes that the series of operations carried out by the Mossad in recent years must be reviewed, or attributed to him in the foreign media, and perhaps the most prominent example that can be reviewed and talked about is the piracy and theft of Mossad agents, the nuclear archive. Iranian.


According to the journalist expert in security and military affairs and Israeli intelligence, the prospective president of Mossad (D) faces many challenges, the most prominent and first of which is the continuation of the war against Iran and its various arms in the region.

But what worries the Mossad, according to the journalist, is that it is unlikely that the US President-elect, Joe Biden, will have a free hand to maneuver and carry out operations, contrary to the term of outgoing President Donald Trump.

The second task facing (D) and no less important than the Iranian nuclear program, according to Bergman, is to preserve the horizons of the Mossad relationship in the Middle East, as the Mossad played a major role in the peace agreements between Israel and a number of Arab countries.

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