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Kremlin insists there is “no epidemic here” as Russia begins shutdown

Kremlin insists there is “no epidemic here” as Russia begins shutdown

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  1. What is the point of covering it up at this point? Everyone’s got it, it’s not like Russians or anyone else for that matter would feel betrayed by the Russian governments’ lack of preparedness, that’s just a given. Won’t they need supplies and help? What are they trying to accomplish by trying to keep it on the dl?

  2. I live in Moscow and things have definitely gotten more serious this week. I don’t always know what angle the government is going to take concerning the pandemic, but with the shutdown in place, thankfully everyone here is behaving very courteous and being orderly about the whole situation, which is exactly what needs to be done.

  3. This is comical. I said they were covering it up on r/russia and even they banned me. What a joke

  4. There is no war in Ba Sing Sa

  5. He’s probably drooling at this excuse to tighten control on the population, then never relax it once the pandemic passes. Also, perfect timing, when everyone’s distracted & beholden to the fed. govt., to consolidate power by extending his presidential term, yet again.

  6. there’s no fire here!

    why did you have fire fighters shoot water on the building and close it off?

    well, certainly not because of any fire that doesn’t exist.

  7. [“No epidemic,” says Putin “I’m just really into cyberpunk right now”](https://s.abcnews.com/images/International/putin2-gty-ml-200324_hpMain_16x9_992.jpg)

  8. Let the Chernobyl jokes begin.

  9. It’s not a shutdown, it’s a “non-working week”. Way too much people are going to ignore it altogether, especially the “non-working” part: small businesses literally have no money to pay for this week. A huge part of people who aren’t working the next week aren’t going to self-isolate.

    If anything, it’s going to make things worse.

  10. They’re Putin everyone on lockdown

  11. They are right. There is no epidemic. A pandemic on the other hand, that’s a different story.

  12. Russia “began shutdown” at least two weeks ago. Two weeks ago on 16th, all univerities were closed and switched to remote education. A lot of offices too, at least those who had remote capabilities arranged beforehand (IT staff etc). All of the people I know who could do their work remotely but lacked access to proper tools were sent home for paid leave while said tools were aquired. Public places started shutting down around the same time, cinemas have been shut down since at least the 21st. In terms of COVID testing we are third in the world (https://ourworldindata.org/covid-testing#total-tests-by-country). Testing in airports and quarantining of arrivals were being conducted even earlier than that, in early February. The Chinese border has been closed since January. The state TV won’t shut up about the outbreak (as it should).

    The title and the article are a nothing-burger, and very misleading. The only relevant part is this: “Kremlin spokesman has stressed that there is “de facto no epidemic” here, comparing Russia’s position favourably with the crisis in Europe. “, which doesn’t even cite a source. Sure it is misguided to underestimate the exponential curve, but for fuck’s sake, it doesn’t even say who that spokesman is and where he said that. A lot of morons tangentialy related to government say stuff all around the world. that’s nothing new.

    You can accuse the russian govt of a lot of things and be right, but this one is bizarre. Just because our country is terrible in some areas doesn’t mean it’s incompetent in ALL areas. All of the evidence point to response measures being pretty much on par with other European countries, and certainly better than US.

  13. Technically right. The “pandemic” has finally arrived.

  14. They have it bad

    Just like the Trump he has waited too long to enact what needed to be done a month or two ago

  15. This pandemic has just strengthened all of the stereotypes of these countries. China and Russia lie

  16. Isn’t there a photo of Putin tooling around in a full hazmat suit?

  17. “Kremlin insists there is “no epidemic here” as Russia takes measures to prevent an epidemic”.
    fixed the title for you

  18. Mark my words: the Russian and Brazilian coverup is going to be bigger than the China coverup.

  19. I mean technically they’re right. It’s a pandemic.

  20. There may or may not be, who cares. Good on them for shutting things down. Its the right thing to do for the russian people.

  21. Correct. It’s a pandemic. Hehe

  22. >Kremlin insists there is “no epidemic here” as **Russia begins shutdown**

    Nuff said.

  23. Correct. It’s not an epidemic. It’s a pandemic!

  24. they are right its no epidemic. it wasnt anymore as it crossed the atlantic. its a full blown pandemic. the “pan” makes it all much greater.

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