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Kurdish general to U.S.: Either protect us, or ‘move aside so we can let in the Russians’

Kurdish common to U.S.: Both shield us, or ‘transfer apart so we will let within the Russians’

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  1. So, looks like Trump’s strategy is working exactly like he and his masters wanted it to.

  2. Sure is interesting how so many of Trumps questionable decisions that don’t benefit the US work out great for Russia.

  3. I don’t think Putin realized just how much he would strike gold by helping Trump into power.

    And no, I don’t think Trump is a russian agent or something. He’s Just a megalomaniac, corrupted and incompetent crook that Putin identified early as being a potential disaster in the making for the US and boy was he right.

  4. This seems to be the entire point of the Trump presidency at this point. Isolate the US and remove any bit of the credibility and influence they had on the world.

  5. Not convinced that Russia would step in since they’re trying to get close to Turkey

  6. The Russians are bad but better then the Turks. The US basically convinced the Kurds to dismantle forts and defensive structures to work out a “safe zone” with Turkey. A little while later Turkey is running in and slaughtering them.

    I don’t use these words often but it is truly disgraceful what the US has repeatedly done to the Kurds. And while our interest were mutually aligned, the help they gave us in stabilizing Iraq and then uprooting ISIS is undeniable.

  7. A lot of people forget this involves Russia. Remember when the US bombed a shitload of Russians because they were firing at a base held by the Kurds that had a few US troops in it?


  8. Well, Conservatives, how does this make you feel?

  9. Does anyone think the goal behind this is to continue to destabilise Europe even further by allowing Turkey to send millions of Syrian refugees into Europe? Russia have been trying to destabilise Europe for years.


  10. EU enters the chat

    EU leaves the chat

  11. Everything Trump touches benefits Russia.

  12. Trump is nothing else but Putin’s puppet. Awesome.

  13. Ah, another ally that is now in the Russia/China orbit


    Good job, team. We’re doing great

  14. Fuck why did I read this before bed.

  15. Best bet let the Russians at least they honor an alliance. And will back you up a city block at the time no fucks given. But will have your back.

  16. I mean, he’s not wrong. Russians and Assad are ready to flank the south in few weeks.

    Russia is not an Ally here

  17. And the endgame comes into focus.

    Fuck Trump. Defeat all Republican traitors.

  18. I don’t know whose lack of short term memory is worse: The Kurds, who forgot that George Bush abandoned them to be slaughtered in Iraq before Trump abandoned them to be slaughtered in Syria, or the American public, who forgot that George Bush abandoned the Kurds to be slaughtered in Iraq before Trump abandoned them to be slaughtered in Syria. Nobody, foreign government or domestic voting bloc, should ever trust a Republican administration to ever back our allies again.

  19. It’s a done deal

    “To prevent a looming Turkish-led offensive on Manbij, the SDF has agreed to surrender the town to the Assad regime. Kobanî, which survived months of ISIS siege, previously home to 2 US bases, will be handed over as well.

    This is according to both regime and pro-SDF media.”


  20. we are pieces of shit for allowing this to happen. just hand everything over to Russia already. Russia won the long game, Putin is a piece of shit but man does he think long term..

  21. Who here really thinks the Kurds are gonna be helped by Russians?

  22. So my question to Trump supporters:

    Is Trump activity helping the Russians or is this just the 100th decision that has just happened to benefit the Russians.

  23. Just part of the [geopolitical plan](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundations_of_Geopolitics#Content).

    >Russia needs to create “geopolitical shocks” within Turkey. These can be achieved by employing Kurds, Armenians and other minorities.

  24. Dont say we. We got a bitch ass president who should have never got in office in the first place that’s scared of ruining his business deals with other countries. He constantly lies about everything and yet will never admit it. He even forged a graph just to make it look like he was right.

  25. I’m starting to think this Trump guy is a Russian asset…

  26. And thus the endgame of the president’s paymasters becomes clear.

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