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Kyrgyzstan … The opposition calls for the president of the republic to step down, and America calls for a peaceful solution

Interfax quoted Kyrgyz media outlets that the President of the Republic, Surunbay Genbekov, announced his readiness to conduct negotiations with the opposition calling for him to step down, while the United States called for a peaceful solution in the chaos in the capital.

Genbekov accused the opposition of seeking to nullify the results of the parliamentary elections and destabilize and overthrow the situation in the country.

Sources said that the opposition took control of the government, parliament and state security headquarters, and appointed Sadir Jabarov as the new head of government after a vote during an emergency session, instead of the former prime minister, Kubabbek Borunov, who submitted his resignation, and added that the current parliament will continue to function until the election of a new parliament.

According to the agency, the Kyrgyz Supreme Court acquitted the new Kyrgyz Prime Minister – who was in prison – of the 2013 hostage-taking charge.

For its part, the European Union said it took note of the announcement by the Kyrgyz Central Election Commission that the results of the elections held on 4 October were incorrect.

The European Union urged all political forces in the country to work within the framework of the constitution, and to settle their differences peacefully.

He indicated that he looks forward to new, credible, transparent and inclusive elections, in line with the international obligations of Kyrgyzstan and the democratic rights of its citizens.

The European Union affirmed that it has supported the democratic path and development of Kyrgyzstan since its independence, and will continue its support for the country’s development.

For its part, the United States urged all parties in Kyrgyzstan to exercise restraint and find a peaceful solution, expressing concern over practices that marred the elections and led to major protests.

“We call on all parties to renounce violence and resolve the conflict over the elections by peaceful means,” a State Department spokesman told AFP.

The US State Department indicated that a monitoring mission supported by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe “concluded reliable information about the vote-buying operations that marred the elections.”

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Kubatbek Borunov resigned after violence over the elections, which were marred by widespread fraud, according to the protesters.

Kyrgyzstan has canceled the results of Sunday’s legislative elections, and former MP Sadir Jabarov – who was freed by protesters from his prison – was elected as the new prime minister, in an extraordinary session held in a hotel.

On Tuesday, the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek witnessed attempts by some to carry out looting operations, taking advantage of the absence of security forces, who had been out of work 24 hours ago, in light of the chaos that the country has witnessed for days.

According to the Anadolu Agency correspondent, a group of protesters in the center of the capital broke the glass facades of a number of shops in the city.

However, groups of volunteers took it upon themselves to protect homes and shops against theft and looting in the absence of the police, and they succeeded in deporting that group and preventing them from stealing the shops.

Protesters insist on the resignation of President Genbekov and the holding of new parliamentary elections.

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