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LaLiga this season … a new champion is on the horizon

The competition for the Spanish Football League title this season is not expected to be limited to the two giants Real Madrid and arch-rivals Barcelona, ​​as has been the case during the past decade, after the two major teams were defeated last week after their faltering start to the season.

After the first 6 rounds of the tournament, Real Sociedad, the current leaders, became the sixth different team to finish the tour in first place.

Although Real Madrid and Barcelona have played fewer matches due to their European links, it appears that neither of them is able this season to collect more than 90 points as they did before.

In deservedly, newcomer Cadiz beat Real Madrid 1-0, while Barcelona performed better than the capital giants when they lost 1-0 to Getafe.

The two LaLiga giants did not provide the expected and usual performance of them, and Kadesh and Getafe gave the rest of the teams a successful prescription in how to win over the top two.

After looking into the details of last season, which was greatly affected by the Corona crisis, it will be easy to predict the reasons for the possibility of suffering the big teams in the new season.

Real Madrid have not signed any new players, and the elderly dominate their squad.

On the other hand, Barcelona suffers from internal problems and instability in light of its board of directors facing a proposal to withhold confidence, and his star Lionel Messi seeks to move to another team, before he changes his mind and decides to continue until the end of his contract.

Even Atletico Madrid, who broke the dominance and monopoly of the two giants in recent years, showed signs of fatigue after their prominent attackers Luis Suarez and Diego Costa passed the age of 30, and with doubts about their injury.

In light of difficult upcoming confrontations in the Champions League and the “El Clasico” match between Barca and Al-Maliki early next week, one of the two major players is expected to decline further, which represents a great opportunity for the emergence of a new competitor for the title this season.

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