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Lebanon .. Security alert after dozens of prisoners fled and some were killed

Dozens of prisoners managed to escape from Baabda prison near the Lebanese capital Beirut, today, Saturday, and the security forces launched an operation to pursue them, and several of them were killed.

The Al-Jazeera correspondent in Lebanon – quoting a security source – stated that more than 30 detainees have fled in different directions, and that the security forces have cordoned off the area surrounding the prison, and are working to pursue them.

The security source added that 5 prisoners were killed while fleeing, after the car they seized was subjected to a traffic accident as a result of veering from the road and colliding with a tree in the town of Hadath, south of Beirut.

The official Lebanese News Agency said, “A group of prisoners broke down the doors of cells in Baabda prison today and fled to unknown destinations.”

According to the official agency, the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces re-arrested some of the escaping prisoners, in addition to encircling the vicinity of the Palace of Justice in Baabda and the adjacent area.

The Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Ghada Aoun, has begun an investigation into the mass escape of prisoners, according to the official agency.

Lebanon is witnessing a crisis of overcrowding in prisons, at a time when the Parliament did not pass a law aimed at “reducing prison overcrowding,” which some parliamentary blocs had submitted.

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