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LGBT charity tells young people to ‘hit pause’ on coming out while in lockdown with parents

LGBT charity tells young people to ‘hit pause’ on coming out while in lockdown with parents

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  1. Straights: “I’m not allowed to leave the house”

    Gays: “I’m stuck in the closet!”

  2. Good advice though. This is no time to be thrown out of one’s dysfunctional intolerant home.

  3. This and domestic violence cases going up and I’d say we’re doing well in lock down

  4. Timing is important and there really isn’t a rush on these type if things during a lockdown.

  5. Super sad, but very necessary. It’s the same strategy with atheists, you don’t want to come out to potentially abusive parents when you have nowhere to go and no way to support yourself.

  6. The advice should actually be “read the room”. You’re in quarantine there is no where to go. What are your parents like? Are they rational, are they religious, are they handling the situation well. These are all important. Your parents could be understanding but too focused on what’s going on to give a proper reaction. They could just be assholes and you’re now trapped. They could be cool and you becoming closer together, but again, it’s in the timing and knowing how to read a room.

    Honestly kids suck at that in general, so thats my advice for anything.

  7. Giving the same advice to atheist kids as well, play along till you can leave. Parents get crazy over this type of stuff.

  8. I just told my parents the day before yesterday, my father lost it and swung a bat at me. I’ve been in my room for two days now with my door locked. I live in a single parent household and this is a tough one

  9. I cant hit pause, the game is live.

  10. Me: “Mum, I’m straight.”

    Mum: “No you’re not.”

    Me: “Yes I am and so’s me husband.”

    Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a monty python reference, but after writing it, it wasn’t very clear.

    Also, I am neither married nor gay. ;_;

  11. Dr. Drew, deservedly, has gotten a shit ton of criticism recently for his COVID remarks from earlier. But as a longtime listener of Loveline from back in the day, he and Adam did give really good and thoughtful advice to many a closeted gay teen in America, and I have always appreciated that. He was consistently supportive of the gay community (and keep in mind this was when it was not as acceptable in society as it is now) and advised teens to wait until they had a solid support system of friends, other family, coworkers, etc who could catch them *if* the parents reacted negatively. And I think that advice rings true especially now with people stuck with their families for God knows how long. With your family, hope for the best but plan for the worst.

  12. It’s so sad. My son is 9 and daughter is 7 and I’ve told them their whole lives that I don’t care who they marry, a man, a woman or someone inbetween, as long as their potential partners work hard for their goals and their loved ones, and they truly deserve the hard work and sacrifice it takes to be a team.

    It would literally break my heart to think my baby couldn’t tell me something so fundamental to their deepest selves, because I failed to be the safest of places for them.

    I work everyday towards a world where no one HAS to come out of the closet, because they were never in there to begin with.

  13. This just makes me sad that parents can’t unconditionally love their kid.

  14. Some of y’all need to study Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, cause you have your priorities all wrong.

  15. Pretty much everyone’s hands are tied in some way right now. It sucks for us all. But if it’s the rational approach given such restraints, then it’s just the way it has to be right now.

    Such a god damn shame we have such inadequate leadership.

  16. Not a good time to say much about everything right now.

  17. What with the surge of domestic violence cases in quarantine it’s probably a good idea

  18. Basically asking people to use their brains, a sound advice

  19. Extremely sad, but survival is the top priority right now. Makes me grateful I grew up with a mom who explicitly told us we where still loved and cherished if we ever came out to her and my dad. She was always disdainful of people who would throw their own children out on the streets, or hurt them.

  20. So don’t come out of the closet, or just don’t come outside in general.

  21. Hence it’s called lockdown.

  22. So once it’s safe to go out, it’s time to come out and be forced out

  23. Took my brain a couple seconds to realize what “coming out” meant in this context. Thought they were talking about going to some gathering or something.

  24. It’s already tough enough trying to live as a family in very close quarters.

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