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Libya .. Russian Wagner mercenaries conduct maneuvers and fortify their positions in Jufrah

Military sources from the Libyan Accord Government forces confirmed that the mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Company conducted live ammunition exercises last week in the city of Al-Jufra (south), in which Russian “MiGs” warplanes led by Russian pilots participated.

The sources said to Al-Jazeera that “the conduct of these maneuvers was after the Wagner mercenaries completed the establishment of defensive points, at a distance of about 30 kilometers, in a circular motion around the Al-Jufra air base, which is one of the largest military bases in the south of the country.”

It stated that intensive work has taken place in the base in recent days, to develop its airfields and military and administrative facilities.

In the same context, other local sources from Al-Jufrah confirmed to Al-Jazeera that the mercenaries of the Wagner Company and Syrian mercenaries had trained armed men from the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, who withdrew from the cities west of Tripoli after the Al-Wefaq forces took control of these cities.

The sources stated that the combat training operations are carried out with live ammunition, and by using various types of weapons in different military sites in Al-Jufra areas.

The sources indicated that the Wagner gunmen seized a large number of administrative and public headquarters in the cities of the Al-Jafra region, and stored weapons, ammunition and armed vehicles in warehouses and warehouses in these headquarters, and used some of them as accommodation and accommodation.

Al-Jazeera sources in Al-Jafra revealed that there is massive military supplies of heavy equipment, weapons and ammunition, which arrived in the past weeks at Al-Jafra Air Base in military cargo planes brought from Russian bases in Syria.

In turn, Brigadier General Abdul Hadi Dara, a spokesman for the Sirte and Al-Jufra Operations Room of the Libyan Government of National Accord, told the island that Haftar’s forces are conducting training in Egypt on planting mines and booby traps.

Dara added that the training that Haftar’s forces are conducting in Egypt includes personnel from the 9th Brigade, 128 and 646 Brigades, and that the training is taking place at the Al-Alamein base in northwestern Egypt under the supervision of Egyptian and Emirati officers.

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