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‘Like going back 40 years’: dismay as Bolsonaro backs abstinence-only sex ed

‘Like going back 40 years’: dismay as Bolsonaro backs abstinence-only sex ed

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  1. When I think of Brazil I definitely think of sexually repressive behaviour.

  2. >Like going back 40 years

    Or to Mississippi.

  3. It’s the evangelical idiots and their backwards old testament idiocy.

  4. It’s so predictable. The D.A.R.E. program caused kids to get into drugs. And all the kids that are taught to not have sex or protect their chastity are the ones that get pregnant in high school. It’s almost like…stay with me here….that when you tell people kids NOT to do something…they end up doing the opposite.

  5. The low-key main reason people don’t support sex education and sexual violence awareness is they don’t want one of “their” kids finding out something that happened to them wasn’t normal or OK and then the family/church/community will get embarrassed.

    Sadly, this culture of silence and willful ignorance primes the playing field for predators and limits the ability of concerned parties to intervene.

  6. I’m convinced that people who advocate for abstinence only sexual education are or will exhibit child predator tendencies.

    I can’t think of any other reason to withhold sexual education from kids when puberty is actively body slamming them on the playground.

  7. Honestly I think this has a lot to do with authoritarianism and how to create a subservient population. Like if you can get someone to completely ignore their sex drive for way too long just cause you told them to you can basically get them to do anything, right? Basically makes it very easy to pick out the loyal followers cause they’re all going to be very sexually awkward lol.

  8. Brazil, the cradle of chastity.

  9. Uh … he knows what country he’s president of, right?

  10. And this son of a witch is going to be India’s Republic Day guest.

    I swear to god it’ll take a generation to wash the shame off.

  11. Yep, regressives just want to back in time.

  12. More babies means more money. More STDs means more money.

  13. If only his parents had exercised abstinence!

  14. You know that thing that feels really good and that your body is hard wired to want? Don’t do it.

  15. In 9 months, there will be a giant wave of teen pregnancy, post-partum psychosis, infanticide, and poverty.

  16. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/17/brazil-bolsonaro-backs-abstinence-only-sex-education) reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > Brazil's government plans to push abstinence-based sex education to help cut teenage pregnancy rates, in a controversial move inspired by an evangelical Christian pressure group and Donald Trump's policy in the US. The government is also censoring sex education sections of a health booklet for teenage girls following criticisms by the far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro.

    > Brazil's teenage pregnancy rate has dropped in recent years but it remains stubbornly higher than the world average.

    > Brazil's health ministry is also rewriting a health education booklet for teenage girls after Bolsonaro railed against pages detailing female sexual organs and how to use a condom.

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  17. Bolsonaros mother should have swallowed him.

  18. Hahaha…good luck with that Brazil.

  19. Some people are incapable of empathy. The only reason my rapist got away with it is because I had no idea what he was doing to me. An ignorant child is the child groomer’s dream. I thought it was something normal until years later when I finally learned about sex at school.

    How can people not understand this?


    Spinoff to ‘hold my beer’

    Chose to make it accurate as opposed to copypasta humorous

  21. It would be great if we had the gonorrhea of 40 years ago.

  22. Had a gay friend move there a decade ago … I hope he is safe.

  23. there has got to some evil organization pushing an agenda through all these shits. can there really be this many independant people all thinking the same shitty way.

  24. I am a Brazilian. If we go back forty years from now, we’ll end up in a better situation prior to the communist proletariat dictatorship. Oh, and if your kids want to know sex, either you parents teach them or take then to a doctor.

  25. Jokes on them: everyone knows Brazilian girls LOVE anal

  26. Someone needs to hit these guys. As in make them dead.

  27. Why fund Sex Ed when telling kids about abstinence is free. Works every time

  28. He fucks boys give it time this stuff comes out in the end

  29. I used to be part of a church run by a guy like this. Whiteness in South America is a helluva drug.

  30. Ironic cause he has no problem fucking the rain forest.

  31. Welp, Brazil is about to have a population boom now!

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