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Liverpool defeats Arsenal and retains the full score

Liverpool won their third consecutive Premier League victory, beating Arsenal 3-1 in the climax of the third stage matches of the competition.

Liverpool entered the game strongly, and the trio, Mohamed Salah, Ferminho and Sadio Mane led repeated attacks in an attempt to open the scoring early, but luck smiled at Arsenal, who scored the first goal of the match through Alexandre Lacazette in the 25th minute.

Liverpool quickly returned, scoring a double that led to Sadio Mane in the 28th minute and Andrew Robertson in the 34th minute.

The match continued in almost one direction with a clear possession of Liverpool and the adoption of high pressure to deprive the opponent of the ball, while Arsenal settled with long balls in search of defensive lapses from Dutch captain Virgil van Dyck.

Liverpool ended Arsenal’s dreams of returning and striking a tie by scoring the third goal thanks to substitute Diego Guetta in the 88th minute.

Liverpool raised its score to 9 points at the top of the standings in partnership with Everton and Leicester City, while Arsenal’s balance stuck at 6 points.

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