Home / news / Locust plague reaches coronavirus-hit China after wreaking havoc across Africa

Locust plague reaches coronavirus-hit China after wreaking havoc across Africa

Locust plague reaches coronavirus-hit China after wreaking havoc across Africa

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  2. Armageddon 2020 episode 2 is going well so far. Good writing/plot!

  3. is there a map tracking the Locusts’ location, or at least the largest swarm of them?

  4. Corona virus, Swine flu , Bird flu and now Locusts.
    Covid-19, total death toll unknown.
    Swine flu, destroyed 40% of their pork industry.
    Bird flu has hit small and large poultry producers. Also many are just releasing their flocks to fend for themselves as no grain is being delivered due to Covid-19.
    Now Locusts presumably attacking food crops.
    Rivers of red only thing missing.

  5. First pestilence then plague fire to come soon

  6. How did it skip a whole European continent and get to China?

  7. China is getting absolutely shagged right now

  8. I hope they don’t carry the virus

  9. That is a Sharknado level turn of events

  10. > footage has now surfaced showing thousands of the locusts **seemingly** reaching the border of China,

    That’s all the information the article gave. The writers have no actual location of the locusts. They’d have to pass through India, Tibet and Nepal or through south east Asia to get to China. And even then it’s some distance to China’s agricultural center.

  11. Well shit. That’s not going to help at all. 🙁

  12. I guess, we just have to eat the locust.

    I heard locust powder is nutritious and cheap.

  13. So… that’s famine and pestilence just war and death to go…

    China has really pissed off mother nature.

  14. Hey, I’ve seen this one before…

  15. Well shit. Maybe it IS the apocalypse.

  16. Gonzo: Anyone seen Kermit?

    Fuzzy: I think he was going to take a look at the cloning machine Professor Bunsun left backstage…

  17. Let’s hope they can’t carry the Coronavirus.

  18. Any ETA on water turning into blood? I wanna see some red rivers OT style damnit.

  19. ‘Let my Uyghur people go‘

  20. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. Cause we’re gonna be taken for a ride.

  21. geezus…i’m expecting the news of an asteroid at any moment now..it’s the only thing we don’t have yet in this planet

  22. How did the plague go from africa to china ? Or is a second plague forming in china ?

  23. So did they fly across the Indian Ocean or was India and Korea ravaged by locusts too?

  24. *gets popcorn out of his end of days prep room*
    Mhmmmmmmmmm mhmmmm

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