Home / news / London Bridge victim’s father condemns ‘beyond disgusting’ Boris Johnson for using son’s death for political gain – ‘Don’t use my son’s death to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for’

London Bridge victim’s father condemns ‘beyond disgusting’ Boris Johnson for using son’s death for political gain – ‘Don’t use my son’s death to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for’

London Bridge victim’s father condemns ‘beyond disgusting’ Boris Johnson for using son’s death for political gain – ‘Don’t use my son’s death to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for’

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  2. Well what is the point of having tragedies just before an election if the political elite can’t use them to get us fighting each other while they sit back and laugh at the fact that it is how it’s always been?

  3. Do you ever feel like we’re living in the prequel to V for Vendetta?

  4. I’m remaining neutral, but a Terrorist plots to blow up an important building and only got 6 years for it?????? Shouldn’t that be longer? Ignoring the fact they then promptly stab 5 people?

  5. Jack wrote an interesting paper before this event happened

  6. Boris Johnson is a wanker. I think everyone knows that now. But using the death of a person to gain political points… Well, he transcends being wanker into a whole new unimaginably ghastly fake human.

  7. Jo Cox’s death has been used in an argument for ‘getting Brexit done’, so I’m sure he Tories don’t see a problem with this instance.

  8. I mean if this guy were not ‘automatically released’ he would not have been able to kill those people. While tragic, the irony is there.

  9. Politicians use tragedies all the time regardless if the victims would have wanted it or not.

  10. I am sure he also stood against being killed.

  11. worldnews two days ago: “Boris Johnson is to blame for the terrorist attack”

    worldnews today: “Boris Johnson needs to stop using the terrorist attack to blame people”

  12. Unpopular opinion here but….

    If a political party wants to announce that they want to change a law that has just recently been highlighted to the public because of someone’s murder. They should be able to do so without fear of being branded hateful opportunists simply because the person that was murdered wouldn’t of liked it. The next person murdered in such a way could very well have been for tougher sentences on the person that kills them.

  13. Boris Johnson is the result of an undeniable shift in our politics, when the bad leaders aren’t just evil, they’re also awfully stupid.

  14. Wait.

    This guy was against locking up people who are perceived to be dangerous to society. He actively tried to help them. He believed that keeping criminal terrorists in jail was not a good idea.

    He was then killed by a person who had been released from prison early, a person who had been convicted of planning a bombing.

    The government said that they would try to stop more criminals and terrorists from entering their country.

    And then the guy who’s son was murdered by a criminal terrorist came out and complained about the government saying they would allow less criminal terrorists into the country.

    Is that right?

  15. Terrorist incident happens. Media asks Boris Johnson why it happened and what should happen to prevent it. Yes, it is unfortunately ironic that the guy who was murdered was campaigning for prison and rehabilitation reform was killed by the person who was released early from his sentence. Not sure what people want BJ to do when the media ask questions that should be asked though? All of the other party leaders are asked too…

  16. I Dont get it, UK police will not go after innocent ppl, i was an immigrant in UK, i worked hard , no one came after me to jail me, so, whats wrong in controlling better whos entering your country? i worked 12 years in arabic country, you dont get inside without a copy of your criminal record which ofc has to be clean…..why r u so suicidal, british ppl?

  17. >’Don’t use my son’s death to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for’

    And it killed him.
    Is that not a cautionary tale, or are we still in the “We’re not allowed to learn lessons from tragedy unless they’re politically left-leaning lessons” phase?

  18. • Campaigns for violent offenders to be released early

    • Murdered by a violent offender released early

    There must be some way this is all Boris’ fault?

  19. ‘Part and parcel’ amirite? How many sons and daughters are you willing to sacrifice on the altar of multiculturalism? And supporting it isn’t propaganda somehow? He, sadly, died for absolutely nothing and the father using his son’s death to reinforce the propaganda that brought to it is sad.

  20. His son could be alive at this very point, but due to the British being too scared to act upon a legit issue, they look away and let these kind of events happen. He is a coward and a fool.

  21. We do it in America all the time, we need more people like him to put these shit bag politicians in check.

  22. Terrorist is part of an cell that gets split up.

    Terrorist is released early from prison and is supposedly under active and constant monitoring (I can’t remember fully but I believe one article since has stated that he was even wearing ankle monitors, but could be wrong)

    Terrorist somehow manages to procure items and material to build a fake bomb vest (surely if he was under constant supervision, had a history of planning bomb attacks, and has the motivation to do it again… Then the authorities would be watching every item he purchases)

    Terrorist attacks an event that just so happens to be about prison reform and rehabilitation

    Terrorist also happens to be an immigrant.

    I don’t normally buy into conspiracy theories, but fuck me sideways. This is like reads like a full house of bonkers.

    Expect sweeping changes to how prisons are run, to how former convicts are treated (when the prime minister of your country refers to basically ALL of them as scum you know there’s trouble), and just a whole heap of shit.

  23. Another daily anti-Boris Johnson thread on world news. At least this one ain’t pulling some random quote from 15 years ago.

  24. “We should just lock em up, they’ll figure the rest out themselves while they’re hanging out with other criminals.”

    Every justice system but Norway.

  25. This is beyond ridiculous.

    Your son is fucking dead. You should take a step back and realize maybe your shitty policies are endangering your people. Not try to tell those who plead taking the responsible approach to avoid people being killed furthermore.

    I can’t believe this fucking guy uses his son’s death to virtue signal. This is beyond lunacy.

  26. That‘s exactly what Igor Levit did. He used his best friends death to promote his album. Disgusting…

  27. But… all Boris said was that he believes criminals should serve their time and re-iterated how ridiculous the automatic early release is. Am I missing something here? What vile propaganda?

  28. am i missing something? (also I’m not up to date on this guy as a whole) but all he said was that people who are given a sentence should serve the sentence? seems reasonable enough. is there some vile propaganda that I am missing?

  29. He would probably feel a little different about it now, if he were still alive to feel anything.

  30. ITT: people claiming that the guy who was killed was in favour of releasing prisoners early and then got killed by am early release prisoner

    What actually happened: he wrote his thesis on the need for rehabilitation which is sorely lacking in the broken uk prison system, and got killed by a guy who was poorly rehabilitated

    But sure, let’s just lock people up for fucking forever and do nothing to help them reintegrate. Cos that’s a great way to keep us safe

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