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Losing the election could put Trump on trial for a number of crimes

Journalist John Schwartz said that US President Donald Trump may be subject to prosecution for a range of crimes and legal violations that he committed during his presidency, if he loses in the presidential elections scheduled to be held early next month.

In an article on the American website The Intercept, Schwartz indicated that it is difficult to imagine Trump being tried and convicted of any of the crimes he committed, even if he lost the November elections, in addition to his imprisonment, as no US president has ever entered. Imprisonment is not for their adherence to the law, but for other reasons, including the political protection provided by their allies, and the view of people at the top of American society, which believes that the penalties are for the weak and not for the big personalities, in addition to holding a former president accountable means that officials who follow him on the ladder of power may face the same fate .

Despite all of these previous considerations, the writer believes that Trump is more likely to be prosecuted than other former presidents when he leaves the White House, and that the immunity he enjoyed under the constitution as President of the United States loses his immunity, given the possibility of his involvement in many presidential crimes. Non-traditional.

Trump currently enjoys protection from conviction under US federal law for being president.The Justice Department has for decades committed to not suing presidents during their presidency, and former special counsel Robert Mueller has previously made clear that he had no option to indict Trump because it was unconstitutional.

But the US President will lose that immunity if he is defeated by his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, and leaves the White House.

The writer does not rule out Trump’s attempt to pardon himself for all the crimes he committed before leaving the White House, but it is not clear whether he could do so, as no president before him has ever tried to do so.

He pointed out that in the event that Trump loses the elections and does not issue a pardon for himself, and the sudden and unprecedented emergence of enthusiasm in the governmental and federal justice systems regarding the treatment of the powerful as they treat the weak, then Trump may become subject to prosecution for a number of crimes, some of which are known and many of them are still unknown.

Schwartz listed a group of irregularities and crimes that may expose Trump to legal accountability, as well as the opinions of some experts who emphasized the need to hold Trump accountable for his commission, including tax fraud, bank fraud, violations related to financing the presidential campaign, bribery, obstructing the course of justice, and causing the death of tens of thousands. Of Americans for his bad behavior with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

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