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Macron talks about “Islamist terrorism” .. What about “Christian terrorism”?

The episode (10/23/2020) of the program “Above the Power” dealt with its topics with the following headings: Between the Islamist and Christian terrorists, a terminology crisis. Algerian media: Hijab is a fashion for poor women to save.

It also covered topics: A former Sadrist leader: Normalization may take place by a decision from Najaf. Muhammad Assaf is prohibited from entering Palestine by an Israeli decision. Former minister on the Beirut bombing: The thief is the burner.

Who said that French President Emmanuel Macron is not lucky in managing the Elysee Palace? After marketing himself overseeing the reformulation of Islam for the two billion children of Adam, you followed how he was slapped by the index finger of the freed French hostage Sophie Maryam, who pronounced the two testimonies, before the scene changed in favor of Macron after a terrible aggression this week.

The incident was attributed to a Chechen young man with a Muslim identity, who ruthlessly slaughtered a history professor who was said to have chosen, in the week of the Prophet’s birthday, caricatures mocking the Prophet Muhammad, may blessings and peace be upon him, in a study class on freedom of expression because it is the security of slaughter that reminds us of the French culture. As some describe it, he provided a new material for Macron and his favorite book, entitled Islamist Terrorism.

He stood, met and loudly denounced the Muslims of France and their imams for any violence committed in the name of Islam. President Macron wanted to reassure Muslims in France, so he met their notables and assured them that his authorities would target Islamic extremists only.

On the other hand, no one in France classified a knife attack on two Muslim women veiled under the Eiffel Tower as Christian terrorism. But Sheikh Al-Zahr Ahmed Al-Tayeb described the incident as a terrorist, just as Al-Azhar Al-Sharif had condemned the heinous crime by slaughtering the French professor, and demanded the enactment of an international law criminalizing insulting of religions.

The presenter of “Above the Authority” called on the eminent scholars to find rational solutions for an unreasonable and limited type of Muslim youth, who cannot bear the idea of ​​insulting their sanctities without responding with a violent act. Is it permissible for you to assure them that the word is confronted with the word and the image with the image?

He returned to remind the scholars, “You say to them,” Do not insult their religions, so that they do not insult your religions, but they do so. ” Them and you are a minority among them.

He asked: If Muslim scholars allow the freedom to mock the religion of those who mock your religion, will they absorb the anger of some young people by that, and switch from violent ideas to creative ideas such as the use of poetry, prose, satire, singing, music and acting. .

It is well known that the magazine Charlie Hebdo is accused of insulting religions and leaving other religions, so instead of pretending against it and noticing that it is important, why not create a magazine against it under the roof of the law that contributes to venting any anger?

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