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Mahmoud Yassin dies after an 8-year struggle with Alzheimer’s

The great Egyptian artist Mahmoud Yassin died this morning at the age of 79, after a long struggle with illness.

Writer and actor Amr Mahmoud Yassin announced on his Facebook page the death of his father.

The artist Mahmoud Yassin contracted Alzheimer’s disease 8 years ago, after his last film “Gedo Habibi” with the actress Bushra in 2012, and he was a candidate for the participation of star Adel Imam in the series “Sahib Al Saada” in 2014, but his health condition did not allow him to complete the filming.

The Egyptian artist’s family kept details of his health for years. For her part, the actress, Shahira – the late wife – confirmed in a TV interview that her husband’s health had deteriorated a few years ago, especially after the death of the star Nour al-Sharif, so the family chose to hide the news of the death of friends and the sad events from him for years.

the beginning

Mahmoud Yassin began his career on the national stage after the 1967 defeat, with the play “The Dream” with director Abdul Rahim Al-Zarqani, before taking his first steps in the cinema with secondary roles in 1968 in my films “The Man Who Lost His Shadow” and “The Case 86 ″ Then My Film” Smoke of crime “and” A Tale of Our Country “1969.

After the play “The Dream”, Yassin performed more than 20 plays, most notably: “Sweetness of Time” 1971, “Layla and Majnun” 1972, “The Return of the Absent” 1978, “Wa Qudasah” in 1985 and “The Khedive” 1993.

In 1970, he also participated in a secondary role with the actress Shadia in the movie “Something from Fear”, to achieve a real breakthrough with her in the wonderful “We Do Not Sow Thorns” 1971, after it was discovered by director Hussein Kamal.

In the same year, the artist Faten Hamama returned to the cinema after a period of absence, and she accompanied Mahmoud Yassin as a new face full of goodness and gentleness, to co-star in her film “The Thin Thread” about the story of Ihssan Abdul Quddus, and she shared two other films, “Habibti” 1974, and “Mouth and Rabbits” 1977, amid the torrential rains of cinematic, television, theatrical and radio works on this rising star.


Soon after the 1970s, Mahmoud Yassin became the first Arab screen boy, with more than 70 films, in which most of the stars of that period participated. With Naglaa Fathy, he presented more than 20 films, including: “Love and Pride” in 1972 and “Bodour” 1974.

With Mervat Amin, he presented about 13 films, including “Don’t Leave Me Alone” 1975, and “The Devil’s Third” 1978. In the same year, Madiha Kamel participated in the title of “Climb to the Abyss” among 7 other films, and collaborated with Suad Hosni in 3 of them. Who Shot “1975”, and starred in musical and musical films such as “Mold Ya Dunya” 1976.

This is in addition to a number of works quoted by prominent writers, including “A Nose and Three Eyes”, “Investigation is still ongoing” by Ihssan Abdul Quddus, 1972 and 1979, “Night and Bars” by Najeeb Al-Kilani 1973, and “Sonia and Majnun” for the novel “crime” Punishment by the international novelist Dostoyevsky 1977, as well as the film “The Beast Within Man” by the French novelist Emile Zola 1981, and “Harafish” by Naguib Mahfouz in 1986


In the eighties, Mahmoud Yassin presented more than 50 films, including “Al-Batiniya” 1980, “The Bribed Gentlemen” 1983, “The Secret Session” 1986, and “A Date with Destiny” 1987. In the 1990s and until his retirement, he presented 22 films, including “Statement With murder “1991,” A Woman Pays the Price “1993, and” Three on the Table of Blood “1994, all the way to his role in the 2007 movie” Al Jazeera “and in” The Promise “2008, before completing a career that spanned more than half a century with a movie. Find my love “in 2012.

Mahmoud Yassin is also considered one of the best who presented the Egyptian soldier character in cinema, in the films “Song on the Passage” 1972, “The Bullet is Still in My Pocket”, “The Great Loyalty”, “Shadows on the Other Side” 1974, and “Wall Tournaments “1998, and” A Girl from Israel “1999.

Yassin also did not neglect television works. He presented about 65 series, most of which achieved great success, starting with “The Chase” 1969, and going through “Tomorrow Flowers Bloom” in which he gave children a song with his voice, and “Jamal al-Din al-Afghani” and “Muhammad is the Messenger of God” 1984 And “Al-Ezz Bin Abd Al-Salam” 1987 and “Ayyam Al-Mounira” 1994.

He continued his stardom in “The Great Imam Abu Hanifa Al-Nu`man” 1997, and “Behind Closed Doors” 1999, all the way to “Souk Al Asr” 2001, “Disobedience” and “The Harem Revolution” 2002 and 2003, and “Mama Fi Al Qesam”, which is the last series. He presented it with Samira Ahmed in 2010.

The honor

After more than 140 films, about 65 TV series, 12 plays, and 14 radio series, Mahmoud Yassin told the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa in 2014, that he stops in front of 3 characters in 3 series that affected him: Hamed Al-Gharabawi, the symbol of wisdom in “disobedience”, and Abu Hanifa, the symbol of piety in ” Imam Abu Hanifa al-Nu’man, and Helmy Askar, the symbol of evil, is in Souk Al-Asr.

During his artistic career, Yassin won more than 50 awards, including the State Prize for his war films in 1975, and the Ismailia Festival Award in 1980. In the same year he won the Tashkent Festival Prize, the Arab Cinema Prize in America and Canada 1984, and the Algiers Festival in 1988, as well as Best Actor Award at the TV Festival in 2001 and 2002.

In 2005, he was chosen by the United Nations as a goodwill ambassador to combat poverty and hunger, and in 2015 he was honored at the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival.

The artist Mahmoud Yassin was unmatched in his distinguished voice, his overwhelming presence and his varied performance between political, social, dramatic and comedic roles, which made him one of the most important stars in the history of Arab cinema, and the highest paid among his generation, due to the romance that characterized him for more than two decades.

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