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Maintains device battery .. Google update to speed up Chrome and increase its effectiveness

Google’s new update for Chrome browser speeds up the browser, saves computer battery life, and increases its efficiency.

It will also make it easier for you to visit the website again when you accidentally click on a link on another page, something Google claims frequently confronts the user.

And “Chrome 87” (Chrome 87) – which is the latest update to the browser this year – will update the browser management of resources by “controlling tabs, tracking down problems, and caching back and forth,” according to the blogger of Marc Chang, Chrome Product Manager at Google .

Controlling tabs is one of the ways in which Chrome manages the amount of computer resources used in certain processes. This means that background tabs will not wake the CPU in many cases, as well as not displaying tabs that users cannot see on the screen.

“This reduces CPU usage by 5 times, and extends battery life up to 1.25 hours in our internal testing, which also does not affect background features such as notifications or music,” says Mark Chang.

“With this information, Chrome can optimize resources for the tabs you use, not the ones you have reduced,” Zhang added, “making Chrome up to 25% faster at startup and 7% faster loading pages, all with less memory.”

Finally, the back and forth cache that Chrome uses to change pages has been accelerated when a user presses the back or forward buttons in the browser.

“In Chrome 87, cache and instantaneous back and forth will use 20% of front and back navigation operations, with plans to increase this to 50%, through further improvements and communication with developers in the near future,” Zhang said of this feature.

And in May, Google also updated Chrome, giving users more control over tabs with a feature called Tab Groups.

Users can now group tabs together and name them with a custom name or color, before moving or rearranging them.

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