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Man hailed as hero in London Bridge terror attack is a convicted murderer

Man hailed as hero in London Bridge terror attack is a convicted murderer

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  1. Nobody, gonna mention this “Khan was tackled by members of the public – including one with a narwhal tusk ”

  2. What a mixed bag of emotions. Murdered an innocent, mentally disabled woman 15yrs ago and then tries to save an innocent citizen by disarming a known terrorist while out on parole. People do change and second chances can rehabilitate a human but this is a terrifying and surreal experience for that innocent woman’s family to deal with.

  3. If you want to take care of a murderer, you … send in a murderer?

  4. Could it be, are there moral shades of grey and condemning a man as totally evil, or praising him as a hero, are not mutually exclusive things? Are people complex? Did Hitler love his dog?

    Mind blown. I’m going to read the Guardian for 10 hours straight until it all goes away.

  5. I know that the aunt in the article is upset because why wouldn’t she be, but saying “people don’t change” is a pretty damning statement to make. Not just about the guy that killed her niece, but what she’s effectively saying is that if we fail the we will always fail so what’s the point in staying to slowly rot on this planet instead of jumping off a bridge. Why can’t people change?

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/london-bridge-terror-attack-murderer-17341884) reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > One of the heroes of the London Bridge terror attack was a murderer out on day release, it has been reported.

    > Whitehall sources confirmed that Ford – who had been serving the final days of his sentence at HMP Standford Hill, an open prison in Kent – was on London Bridge yesterday.

    > It has been revealed that the London Bridge attacker was a convicted terrorist released less than seven years into a 16-year prison sentence for a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange.

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  7. Man rehabilitated by 15 year imprisonment shows it’s possible to turn oneself around and become a useful member of society. I’d call that a result.

  8. > Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the London Bridge attacker was a convicted terrorist released less than seven years into a 16-year prison sentence for a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange.

  9. Why does everything have to be about heroes and baddies. Life isn’t a DC movie.

  10. We really gonna cancel the dude? Like, did his time and all that and then tackled a terrorist, just give him this. Damn.

  11. People aren’t video game NPC’s that are either all good or all bad and praising this man for doing something heroic is in no way absolving him of the awful shit he’s done.

  12. Dude served his time. If anything this instance goes to show that we are capable of both good and bad. Not the hero everyone wants but absolutely the hero we need.

  13. Quoting Snowden who was probably quoting someone else….”there are no heroes, only heroic acts”. This guy fits…. not a hero but performed A heroic act. List it on the same piece of paper with his past discretions, murder….then judge. And while we are at it….quit judging people and putting a label on them for one deed, good or bad. [insert forest/trees metaphor]

  14. There’s always a bigger fish.

  15. This man finds himself in the one situation where gratuitous violence against someone is warranted which he is apparently genetically predisposed to. Leave the man alone.

  16. “You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.”

  17. And they say rehabilitation doesn’t work

  18. Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle joke “my point is he rapes but he saves”

  19. There is a show on Channel 4 in the UK called What Makes a Murderer, and the 2nd episode blew my mind. One man, who also killed a vulnerable person, has a big part of his brain missing that is linked to moral decision. Completely missing, and when they thought it looked like a possible brain injury, there it was, he’d been hit on that spot so hard, he became a psychopath overnight.
    Not to say he wouldn’t become one without the injury, because there are lots of factors, but they teach harm reduction in prisons that prevents them committing crimes when they get out, but not if they’re serial murderers.
    I mean, a normal person wouldn’t have run into obvious danger if they weren’t damaged too. I don’t think he should have been excused, but bad people do good stuff all the time.
    He might have done it so he could be seen as a hero and redeem himself. Murderers are really confusing people.

  20. [When you’re out on day release and then see an opportunity like this.](https://youtu.be/YG6DifUtPvs)

  21. Well you know what they say. The only way to stop a man released early from prison is to release another man from prison early.

  22. It’s almost like the plot twist of “Us.” >!The one you were seemingly supposed to root for the whole movie turns out to be the person you are supposed to fear.!<

  23. Redemption. Tough to come by these days.

  24. Sounds like the right man for the job.

  25. You cant judge people entirely from a singular act.

  26. “Everyone has VALUE…EVERYONE.”

  27. Can’t we just say he’s a murdering hero?

  28. Dont fucking turn your life around and trybto be a decent human being apparebtly or itll juat be thrown in your face and everyone reminded of the awful things you did that tou already served your time for. Focus on the fact that he apparently has a fucking heart and may be of some use to society.

  29. Idc if he tried to help, he cut some poor womans throat. Rot in jail, then in hell – good riddance.

  30. Many of our police force are unconvicted murderers.

  31. > Despite Ford’s part in disarming the knifeman, she told the Daily Mail: “He is not a hero. He is a murderer out on day release, which us as a family didn’t know anything about. He murdered a disabled girl. He is not a hero, absolutely not.

    >”The police liaison officer called me saying he was on the TV. I am so angry. They let him out without even telling us. Any of my family could have been in London and just bumped into him.

    WTF. I can’t understand how you slit the throat of a disabled girl and can be walking around in London a couple of years later.

  32. All I’m reading from this is the uk let’s their criminals run around willy nilly. One criminal stopped another one… twisted

  33. Violent people are violent. Tackling someone with a knife is violent. A person who does something like that is likely to have a history of violent behavior.

  34. He murdered a mentally disabled woman by strangling her and then slitting her throat….just a friendly reminder. someone like this probably interventions only to save himself

  35. So why was he present for the terror attack then…?

  36. No one is paying attention to the footage of him on the bridge literally reaching for something in his left pocket, and quickly throwing it away as he’s leaving the scene of the suspect, while he’s still carrying the suspect’s knife in his right hand.

    In the footage you can clearly see he’s tossing a white, rectangular-shaped object away, provost in an attempt to hide it.

    Go watch the video for yourselves.

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