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Melania Trump breaks up with the events by photographing the White House carpets … and Ivanka is involved in the tweets

Just blocks away, insurgents were gathering in front of the Capitol building in riots instigated by the outgoing US President Donald Trump, while the images of the storming of the Capitol building attracted various media; First lady Melania Trump had another activity, as she personally supervised filming the carpets and furniture of the White House, and decided not to stop the photo shoot.

The media questioned whether the first lady had plans to tweet a statement of calm, or a call to stop the violence, something she did a few months ago during the anti-police protests after the killing of African-American George Floyd, but she did not.

Melania Trump has remained calm, and a White House source said her lack of interest in addressing the country was an indication that she is “no longer in a place where she wants to mentally or emotionally engage.”

Late sympathy

Finally, First Lady Melania Trump broke the silence – which lasted for several days – about the Capitol events, by issuing a statement “full of linguistic errors” and desperate calls to stop what she described as “outrageous gossip, unjustified personal attacks and false and misleading accusations” against her.

Melania Trump’s statement, issued 5 days after the events of the Capitol, likely reinforces her dwindling popularity, according to the British newspaper The Independent.

The newspaper confirmed that the statement – which was published on the White House blog and was re-published on Melania Trump’s Twitter account – called for “solidarity” and condemned those he described as “people who are related to the events and have agendas”, without mentioning names, and it sums up well the reason for feeling People are uncomfortable with Melania, according to the newspaper.

Immediately after the riots that took place last week at the Capitol Building, CNN and Vanity Fair, which specializes in fashion and politics, reported; Reports of what Melania was doing at the time.

According to those reports, the first lady was taking pictures of carpets at the White House, and shortly thereafter sent her prayers to former Air Force soldier Ashley Babbitt, who participated in the storming of the Capitol building as part of the rebels, before then mentioning others who were injured or died in the events. Like the police officer who died during clashes with rioters.

The British newspaper believes that Melania Trump wanted – in some way – to be a “good first lady”, as she spent much time restoring furniture and gardens at the White House and the family-owned resort of Marlago in Florida, and her husband also spent a lot of time publicly thanking her. On it in his speeches.

She also showed interest in publishing a book about the furniture she restored, and carefully chose the quality of her clothes – like the most esteemed First Lady in US history, Jackie Kennedy – where, last year, for example, she tried to design her uniforms in the White House by imitating one of Jackie Kennedy’s most famous outfits.

But it ended with her “good sovereignty” – as the Independent described – in decoration and furniture rather than moral leadership, and despite her intellectual ability to achieve it, she chose to move away from the controversial areas.

Will Melania Trump file for divorce?

The newspaper asserts that it is difficult to predict how Melania Trump imagines her future, but if history shows us something, it will be a continuation of the ineffective and disconnected approach to playing the “victim role” that is separate from the reality that she and her husband played, mixed with the bitterness of her failure to win the stardom that she has always sought in the world of magazines. Celebrities.

She adds that Melania – regardless of what will happen after she leaves the White House – is the one who chose the decisive moment herself and reaped what she sowed by her own choice, and that in the end she would stand by her husband, despite the fact that many people wished to take the “amazing” step of abandoning him or divorce. From him when he showed his worst excesses.

But this proved to be just a distant dream, and her punishment was that the world that once embraced Jackie Kennedy did not pay her attention, and it is the world of fashion and celebrities who becomes very sensitive when it comes to coups and rebellions, so that Trump himself indicated that newspapers and magazines deliberately ignored the activities of the lady First.

How did Ivanka Trump support her father?

At the time Melania Trump withdrew from the events, the favorite daughter of US President Ivanka Trump was very active on her official account on Twitter, she wrote a group of tweets, describing those responsible for the riots as patriots, and asking them to stop the violence directly, but the tweet was soon deleted, and appended to it. Other tweets calling for peace and the preservation of the country’s stability.

As for her personal account on Instagram, through which she has always posted messages of support for her father and her political activities over the past four years, she chose to remain silent for several days, then posted a family photo to congratulate her husband on his 40th birthday.

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