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Met Office long range forecast: THREE Saharan heatwaves to bring 35C scorchers

Met Workplace lengthy vary forecast: THREE Saharan heatwaves to deliver 35C scorchers

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  2. The article literally states that these projected “heat waves” aren’t as severe

    > However, the hot weather could soon be making a comeback with three more heatwaves as Leon Brown, head of meteorological operations at The Weather Company’s Weather Channel explained: “After the past week’s extreme heat, three more heatwaves are forecast in Britain this summer as air from Africa arrives.

    > “Each spell would reach at least **28C** (82.4F), 5C hotter than average.

    How the hell do they go from predicted warm air pockets of 28C or more, to a title where they state THREE heatwaves are to bring 35C back?

    Why always lie, so that opponents have a valid reason to cry foul and eco-sensationalism?

    Edit: Am I reading this wrong or are ppl just downvoting for not agreeing with a true statement?

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