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Mexican Drug Cartels Are Openly Handing Out Toys to Win Over Local Families

Mexican Drug Cartels Are Openly Handing Out Toys to Win Over Local Families

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  1. Buy avocado to support Mexican kids getting toys

  2. Al Capone used to have soup kitchens and Pablo Escobar used to hand out cash, so this is just age old smart public relations.

  3. Well, if the choices are taking the toy or having my grisly demise become the feature presentation on Rotten.com, then yeah I’ll opt for the Barbie doll every time.

  4. It’s no different than when RJR Tobacco sponsors “Give a Kid a Coat,” or when Pfizer donates $5 million dollars to the United Way.

  5. hey kid, sorry we shot half your family and set their headless corpses on fire to make a point. have a toy.

  6. Cartels usually support the locals. They will help fight crime and take care of pedophiles and rapists. They know if they have the locals on their side, along with the paid off cops they probably won’t have any problems.

  7. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/z3b4jy/mexican-drug-cartel-jalisco-cjng-giving-toys-to-kids) reduced by 92%. (I’m a bot)
    > The greeting on the presents was signed CJNG: New Generation Jalisco Cartel.

    > Local sources as well as press reports confirmed that some dozen municipalities received a visit from Jalisco cartel members, who arrived in low-key cars to hand out toys to waiting throngs of children.

    > Children stood in line, many of them with their parents or grandparents by their sides, to receive the gifts from the young men, who according to local media, were killers for the cartel.

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  8. Well… on one side you have a country that allows for arms to be siphoned over and provides a need for drugs.


    On the other, the people supplying the drugs give out toys. In a way, both are killing you. The douchebags providing the guns don’t provide anything good.

  9. The Hells Angel’s call it a “toy run” in North America. It’s a facade that works.

  10. If the US govt wasn’t profiting from their activities, cartels might be officially labeled terrorists and pressed with force. But alas…

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