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Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

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  1. the Day After Tomorrow was surprisingly accurate on this one.

  2. They can make trump pay for the wall while they’re at it.

  3. Like all the college kids that thought it’d be a good idea to go party in Mexico for spring break. I’m sure it was easily spread there.

  4. Imagine showing this headline to the trump fans back in 2015-2016

  5. As an American, I feel like there is a particular slur that has been used to describe mexicans who cross rivers to reach America. If any Mexican now feels like using that word to describe Americans crossing the border illegally, I hereby give you a free pass to do so.

    Sincerely your neighbor.

  6. And this is how we get Mexico to pay for the wall.

  7. So THIS is how Trump gets Mexico to pay for the wall, clever turd.

  8. He did it!!! The border is closed!! And Mexico paid for it…Trump is like a ninja unicorn wizard.

  9. Mexicans should “build that wall”, and get America to pay for it!


  10. this feels like an “onion” title

  11. Whoever is running this simulation is really bored these past several years.

  12. This year has been surreal so far.

  13. these kind of articles are so stupid, it’s a pandemic, you can bet your ass that every country is watching their borders right now

  14. Turn the wall around. Simples!

  15. So is this how Trump is going to get Mexico to pay for the wall?…and build it too.

  16. The border situation is gonna get interesting. In a few weeks, the U.S. will probably have to completely close and barricade the border and post the military to help keep it closed.

  17. “we are going to make the Americans build a wall and have them pay for it”

  18. Mexico will pay for a wall after all

  19. Yeah and Trump is talking about putting the military along the Canadian border…. Hopefully to keep the Americans in. You Americans have a pay as you go health care system while most of the rest of the world has socialism…. Why? Because sick people can’t work, sick people can’t contribute to society, health shouldn’t be a for-profit aspect of any society.

  20. This came sooner than I thought. I knew Mexico and Canada would pay for a wall as soon as our situation was worse than theirs.

  21. What American are trying to go to Mexico.

  22. Yeah they carry all kinds of crap, perhaps corona being the least of them.

  23. this reminds me of that canadian wall south park episode

  24. That makes sense. You need to have security

  25. They’re specifically calling for an end to *all* cross-border travel, both to and from Mexico.

  26. Maybe if they built a wall. Perhaps they’d have to pay for it, and people might sneak under it and stuff.

  27. They’re gonna build a wall and make US pay for it!

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