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Mike Pompeo insists G7 use ‘Wuhan Virus’ – but world officials refuse

Mike Pompeo insists G7 use ‘Wuhan Virus’ – but world officials refuse

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  2. “We don’t have much political clout left in the world, I think the best use of it is insisting on naming this virus something no one else is interested in naming it!” – Trump Admin logic.

  3. You know something that really grinds my gears throughout all this? This was a chance for Trump to do a lot to redeem himself in the eyes of other nations, and for the US to regain some of the goodwill it’s pissed away these past few years. This is something that everyone in the world is dealing with together, and instead of taking the chance to actually be good world neighbors, we’re further alienating others by trying to put the blame specifically on one country, when 1) we knew about the virus almost as soon as it happened yet 2) we’re further behind in dealing with it than countries that were hit even harder than we’ve been so far, so we have no place pointing fingers at anyone.

    It’s amazing, that even when given an easy chance to actually do something right Trump and the people he’s surrounded himself with manage to fuck things up even more. It’s almost a superpower at this point.


    For clarity, and to correct myself where I was initially wrong. The US (as far as I know) didn’t know about this from the time China did. That was incorrect of me to say. However, we did know at least from late December/early January, and the administration didn’t take action beyond a travel ban until long after.

  4. It’s always interesting to see the US administration deal with the real world outside their bubble.

    The real rational world is still there despite the assault of popularism and it’s attending bullshit

  5. This entire administration is the laughing stock of the world.

  6. Why the actual fuck are they getting so hung up on the name? just use the official name designated for the virus by the WHO and move on, america has more than 65k cases now and they chose to focus on something as insignificant as the name?

  7. Hilarious that these people claim Democrats are politicizing Corona virus when they spent weeks downplaying it and now that it’s undeniable they’ve shifted to insisting it be the “Chinese / Wuhan Virus”. Strange that that wasn’t an issue when they were pretending everyone was overreacting.

    I really thought my respect for Republicans couldn’t drop any lower after the sham impeachment trial, but here we are…

  8. I can’t believe this is a hill the Americans have decided to fight on during a global pandemic. THIS IS SO POINTLESS!

  9. Since “Wuhan Virus” was rejected, Trump should be pushing for it to be called the “Hoax Virus.”

    And sorry, Trumplings, he called it a hoax: he was either calling the virus a hoax, or he was saying the virus wasn’t dangerous at all, just 15 or 16 cases, no threat at all, and saying the media’s and Democrat’s warnings about the virus were the hoax.

    It’s gotta be one of the two, his words cannot have meant anything else.

    The fact is, Trump proves himself to be a liar, and an idiot. Now go donate money to him, even though he promised last time to self-fund his campaign, then didn’t (wow, he lied! Who knew?!?).

  10. The Wall. Kung Flu. The Wuhan Virus. Mexican Rapists.

    These guys have one play in their playbook, race-baiting with their core voters. That’s it.

  11. This is a branding exercise for the benefit of controlling the narrative and mitigating the impact of this pandemic in the election booths. Xenophobia and telling voters who is to blame for the things they are scared of is a strategy that many politicians have used throughout history but none as effectively as Trump that I can think of in this country in recent memory. Branding it the China Virus or Wuhan virus plays on the inherent xenophobia of Trump’s base and reminds them that he’s not to blame for the crisis and resulting economic destruction, especially because there’s a block of likely Trump voters that are really only supporting him after all his bullshit because “my 401k is doing great”, ignoring the upward trend he inherited and the reality of lagging indicators.

  12. What a dipshit move. What is wrong with these people??

  13. Pompeo is a complete POS.

  14. It’s not even a convenience thing. Everyone *calls* it coronavirus. Why insist on using the geographic name?

  15. I’ll bite. If he uses “Wuhan virus” can the rest of the world then call it “The American dream”, when you die from something easily curable but the insurance companies (Which own your politicians) the denied you and then you die on the street, homeless while former soldiers with PTSD chant songs about being patriotism…

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