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Military aid and human rights in Egypt .. Communication sites interact with the Congress’s decision and Trump’s statements

It may be a good start for a more balanced American position. This is how activists and tweeters received on social media sites. The US Congress linked part of the military aid to Egypt to progress in the human rights file.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the US Congress passed the usual military aid to Egypt, which amounts to about $ 1.3 billion, within the government spending budget law for next year. But Congress linked the release of more than $ 300 million in funds allocated to Egypt with progress in releasing political prisoners, human rights defenders and religious minorities.

A provision in the law stipulates a $ 75 million freeze until the US Secretary of State submits a report to inform lawmakers of the progress made by Cairo in the area of ​​releasing prisoners. Another item linked the release of $ 225 million from the grant to strengthening the principle of rule of law and support for democratic institutions and human rights, including the protection of religious minorities.

The Freedom Initiative website considered that lawmakers sent a strong message to Egypt that: Its systematic use of detention to silence activists and journalists does not serve the national security interests of the United States.

Tweeters said that the decision could be a strong signal for the Egyptian regime to pay attention to the ongoing violations of the human rights file.

Activists considered that the decision may restore balance to the US policy towards Egypt, and it does not mean hostility to the regime of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. However, the new administration could restore human rights issues, tie the regime’s hand and prevent it from engaging in violations.

Controversy of Russian arms

In a related context, the communication sites witnessed widespread interaction with the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, accusing the Egyptian army of using American money to buy Russian weapons.

Trump criticized – in a video clip on Twitter – the foreign aid item in the new budget of $ 892 billion, and said that it wastes Americans’ money, and Trump cited an example of that with US aid that goes to Egypt every year.

On the other hand, the former director of moral affairs in the Egyptian army, Major General Samir Farag, considered that Trump’s accusations against Egypt lacked credibility and objectivity.

In statements to “Russia Today” (RT) channel, Farag added that it is known that the American military aid does not enter the Egyptian treasury mainly, and this is one of the terms of the agreement, explaining that the aid money is used to buy American military equipment that can be agreed upon between the two sides.

General Faraj expressed his surprise at Trump’s lack of knowledge of these details, adding that “he knows the truth and turns a blind eye to it,” adding that Trump did not make similar statements when Egypt bought weapons from France, Germany or Italy, adding that it is the usual sensitivity to the development of relations between any Country with Russia.

Faraj considered that Trump wants to make statements far from reality before leaving the White House. In order to remain in the political and media scene even after leaving power.

Tweeters said that Trump’s statements are an internal American thing for domestic consumption, and have no effect on foreign policy and relations with Egypt.

But supporters of the Egyptian regime considered Trump’s statements to come in the context of US pressure on Egypt. Because of what they considered to be an Egyptian position that did not interact with the normalization campaign taking place in the Arab region with Israel, which was ridiculed by others, recalling the expressions of appreciation made by Sisi when announcing normalization between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan.

Source : Al Jazeera + Anatolia + Social Media

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