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‘Million woman’ march hits streets of Iraq demanding end to violence

‘Million woman’ march hits streets of Iraq demanding end to violence

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  1. >Videos from Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the protest movement than began on October 1, showed hundreds of women waving Iraqi flags, many of them wearing pink and holding up placards.

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2020/2/13/iraqs-million-woman-march-amplifies-calls-to-end-violence) reduced by 81%. (I’m a bot)
    > Thousands of women flanked by male allies have taken to the streets across Iraq to protest government violence against protests and celebrate women's participation in the movement.

    > Thousands of women assembled on streets across Iraq on Thursday for large-scale marches against the staggering levels of violence.

    > The protests, which initially rallied around calls for better employment, public services and and end to the endemic government corruption, have mushroomed into the biggest grassroots uprising Iraq has seen in decades, with crowds hitting the streets of Baghdad and the Shia-majority south almost daily.

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  3. Similar footage of huge marches in Nasiriyah and Basra showed women chanting for revolution.

  4. This happened on Thursday, any updates?

  5. I think its messed up that most of these comments are BS bullying and jokes. These women deserve respect!

  6. good. this area of the world needs feminism

  7. Holy shit, why are these comments so toxic?!

    Just when I think we can’t go any lower, you moron trolls step up your game.

  8. Godspeed girls you have way more to gain than you think!

  9. Allah protect those women from harm. Bc their male oppressors sure do love to hate

  10. Yeaaaah this is going to turn out bloody..

  11. The video is powerful, what brave women. I love that the men are creating protective walls around them. So sad some of the leaders were killed.

  12. I hope Iraq finds peace. It’s a travesty what we (the US) did to that country.

  13. So sad to hear about their suicide next week.

  14. Wow. Seeing a whole lot of male fragility on this thread.

  15. Women marching and go outside in a muslim country? What is happening?

  16. Imagine if this would happen in Saudi Arabia. After the march will be another news…”million woman to be stoned”

  17. Soldiers are probably gonna open fire on them or they’ll be beaten once they’re home. Life is unfair in those regions.

  18. Awesome! The Mamas of the world need to save humanity!

  19. This reminds me, whatever happened to those Hong Kong protesters? Seems interesting how the coronavirus suddenly showed up…

  20. I love to see this. We gotta do this everywhere. It’s almost as if our leaders want a world war to start. It’s up to the people of the world to refuse.

  21. It’s all fun and games until the media blackout

  22. Damnit! Go Iraqis and Iranians! Chinese too for that matter.

  23. when you have a warpig who announced ” I am shiite first, and Iraqi second” you know shit is going to happen.

  24. And I am demanding those eyebrows

  25. My math might be bad but im pretty sure a few hundred is not a million.

  26. are these women willing to fight the police? peaceful marching doesn’t accomplish anything other than getting to reddit frontpage.

    Edit: the people who downvote me never went to iraq and have no idea how pointless peaceful protest in iraq is. Reddit is as delusional as always.

  27. and US newspapers will call this “Iran protests” again

  28. Well, glad were reporting this one! No mention of the other million man march were millions of iraquis were protesting the US presence in iraq and the Assisination of a general IN THE IRAQ MILITARY BY THE UNITED STATES

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