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Monkey testing lab where defenceless primates filmed screaming in pain shut down

Monkey testing lab where defenceless primates filmed screaming in pain shut down

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  2. Hate to be a bummer, but:

    – the monkeys from the lab were shipped out of the country to another testing lab

    – LPT still runs a bunch of other labs

    – (reportedly) all rodents that were used in the lab had to be put down, if they hadn’t been already

    – at least the cats and dogs in the lab were saved though!

    Source: am German, SOKO Tierschutz.

  3. > LPT is a family-owned company that carries out toxicity testing for pharmaceutical, industrial and agro-chemical companies

    It’s one thing if they were exclusively testing life-saving drugs but it’s evident that many of those animals were victims of would-be pesticides or other industrial products. This is absolutely barbaric.

  4. I wish I hadn’t watched that video. Disgusting.

  5. You should see the MSDS on alot of chemicals like paint thinner and xylene. It tells you exactly how the pig, rat, monkey etc responds when x amount is put in their eyes or ingested or breathed in. Fucked up shit

  6. Doing this to defenceless primates is inexcusable. Someone should have at least given them a knife or something.

  7. If you guys want this type of practice to stop, or even become less frequent, you need to stop buying products that have been animal tested. It’s nothing but hypocrisy to scream bloody murder on reddit and place animals on the same level as humans if you make no effort to reduce your consumption of animal tested products.

  8. From Germany, this is round the corner. Videos came out a while ago, quite a fuzz.

    Two notes I consider important:

    1. they were not just doing „tests“, some of the „guards“ actually beat the shit out of the animals for NO GOOD REASON. NO REASON.

    2. this only escalated because one brave guy infiltrated the facility, and took those videos. I think even over months to gather enough evidence. He is not police or anything…

    No idea how often shit like this just stays below the radar. And Germany actually has pretty decent animal protection laws and there are controls. But it just seems to be not enough, by far.

  9. I’ve never in my life seen something so absolutely repulsive and disgusting

  10. Would it have been better if they were armed first?

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  12. I believe there’s definitely going to come a day when the tables are turned and we humans become the inferior species to a more superior one. That day we’ll regret many of our collective actions

  13. Did they really shut down though, or are they just saying that so people will shit up?

  14. Fuck every single person involved in this

  15. I’m confused on the “defenceless” part of the title. Is this kind of test okay if we armed the monkeys? Like give them a machete or a Glock?

  16. Unfortunately, even if one could outlaw this kind of large animal research, it would immediately get outsourced to a country without the legal barriers.

  17. Those are truly some brutal photos of animal torture, yikes.

  18. A reminder of what we choose to submit trillions of animals to day after day, for food alone:

    * [Animal Clock](https://animalclock.org/)

    * [Dominion](https://youtu.be/LQRAfJyEsko)

    * [Lucent](https://youtu.be/KArL5YjaL5U)

    * [60 Minutes on Live Export](https://youtu.be/m1V96Y533Ds)

    * [Four Corners on Indonesian Abattoirs](https://www.abc.net.au/4corners/a-bloody-business—2011/2841918)

  19. In the future, maybe 20 or 50 years from now, people will look back on the level of animal cruelty in our food chain and product testing as barbaric.

    Like on the level with dangerous child labor in mines and drowning people to determine if they’re witches. Just cruel shit that we know must have had SOME logic then but we can’t under it now.

  20. Humans have no right to do this for ANY reason period.

  21. Peadophiles and rapists should be used for this kind of testing

  22. Ok, these are the worst humans.

  23. Boy, it’s a good thing the free market decided that this was cool and good to do. I sure wish we had less regulation and oversight so more enterprising businesses could make a buck torturing living creatures for profit!

  24. Oh god. What the hell is being done to the monkey at 30 seconds left in the video?

  25. I’ve been in these sorts of facilities. Its very creepy. Especially because some are unmarked buildings and have hundreds of monkeys. I had to install a new network in one and had to go into each room. Even though from what I could see this one treats them well, the monkeys look at you with such intensity. I don’t know how anyone could work there. But I know a lot of their customers and the diseases they’re trying to cure. It’s tough.

  26. dont think they care if animals be less sentient than humans. even so, its still deemed urgently critical to continue testing products despite impending doom of the future of mother earth itself.. good job yall

  27. Sick MF’s who torture animals.

  28. Using animals for testing Drugs and defending its future use is like questioning why we want to abandon fossil fuels “because this works”

  29. It’s unfortunate but animal testing is still needed to develop drugs. Better to not see how the sausage is made.
    That being said, seems this lab wasn’t following proper guidelines.

  30. The fuck is wrong with people?

  31. The problem I have here isn’t that they were using animals forgo testing, it’s the way they were doing it

    The pictures in the article are literally like something from a saw movie.

    There should be more regulation regarding this. They should at least have to sedate the animals or do something to make them less aware of what is happening.

  32. Animal trials are incredibly important. Despite this video there are specific guidelines put in place to reduce suffering by the animals, obviously this lab didn’t follow them and I am sure they have been shut down.

    Don’t hate animal testing in labs as a whole, direct it towards this lab in particular as other labs are doing crucial and life saving work

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