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More Canadian firefighters ship out to battle Australia wildfires

More Canadian firefighters ship out to battle Australia wildfires

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  1. Nice. The Australians were here for us when we were on fire so it’s our turn to help out.

  2. Good, this type of stuff makes me proud to be Canadian. Best of luck to the brave firefighters heading over.

  3. Thank you Canada. We definitely appreciate the help.

  4. 40 Degree heat plus uncontrollable wild fires. Man Oz really is hell on Earth right now

  5. As a Californian, should I ask if they tried raking their forests?

  6. Is there any prediction when the fires are going to be controlled?

  7. Rock on Canada! I hope one of you brings some snow in a cooler for them. -Pretty sure they’ll love you even more for that!

  8. It’s amazing that the Canadians are coming to help us. I just wish the government would treat our own firefighters better, it’s insane. I live in Sydney, pretty suburban area not bush but that didn’t matter. I watched the sky turn red as the air became hard to breath just hoping for the best. I came down to Melbourne for Christmas and yesterday I’m at the top of the driveway watching as they waterbomb another out of control fire as it gets closer and closer. Just waiting for the alert to get the fuck out of here. Thank fuck for those who fought tirelessly throughout the day and for the temperature change and spits of rain. It’s not just out in the sticks, this country is on fucking fire while our politicians play their fucking games.

  9. This is partially due to being commonwealth nations and partially because our summers are at opposite times of the year.

  10. There aren’t any countries closer than Canada to send helpers…?

  11. Sincere thanks to Canada, it’s government and firefighters for this. It’s devastating watching your home country burn

  12. Canadians are the best people :'( thank you so much Canada

  13. They are our buddy, friend and guys. Here’s to overly violent sport and low key knowing we’re better than the yanks

  14. Aww shit thanks guys. I wished our ruling party puts in half the effort these firies are putting in to combat these fires.

  15. Thank you Canadians !!! We need your help

  16. can I just give a big ol’ American **FUCK YEAH!!!** for our neighbors up North? Whether it’s accepting rerouted planes during 9/11 and an entire Canadian town putting up passengers for the night, or Canadian firefighters volunteering to fly literally ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD to support their Aussie firefighting brethren, Canada just always seems to have the world’s back.

    They’re like that friend from high school you only talk to every now and then but whenever they hear you’re in a tight spot they’re the first to pop over with pizza & beer and an extra set of hands.

  17. I’ve been out and have seen some of the devastation (when it was safe to do so), it’s just amazing, in a really bad way.

    There are now over 4000 people on the beach at Batemans bay because there is no where else for them to go..

  18. This brings back memories of the commonwealth

  19. The Beacons of Sydney! The Beacons are lit! Australia calls for aid and Canada will answer.

  20. plot twist: the Canadians are really after a hot winter getaway.

  21. do they get paid? i thought the Australian govt doesn’t pay jack shit for wild fire control.

  22. Can the Canadian PM Justin come as well? Our PM is still dreaming about Hawaii

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