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More Canadians have now died of coronavirus than SARS

More Canadians have now died of coronavirus than SARS

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  1. Sounds like an overly specific alert from plague inc

    “Your viris “Corona” Has killed more canadians than SARS!”

  2. They are both coronaviruses!

  3. The SARS virus also started in China.

    >Between November 2002 and July 2003, an outbreak of SARS in southern China caused an eventual 8,098 cases, resulting in 774 deaths reported in 17 countries, with the majority of cases in mainland China and Hong Kong.


  4. Unfortunately you can
    Thank China for both.

  5. SARS literally killed less than 1,000 people WORLDWIDE.

    Italy has close to a 1,000 deaths every day for the past week. Pointless article

  6. The city of Toronto has mild PTSD from SARS…..so Toronto is more prepared for this pandemic than a lot of places in North America

  7. How many SARS have died of coronavirus?

  8. Well that’s a given since only around 800 people died from SARS around the world. So a non-story.

  9. Fuck any of you Canadians not taking this seriously. Being in Toronto is a shit show, majority of people are on board and well-behaved but it’s the few fuck wits that are still doing stupid shit like throwing house parties, going to crowded parks for walks, not social distancing in stores etc which is going to make this go longer. iT’s jUsT a FLu, I loVe wOrK fROm HomE. Fuck any of you still taking this as a joke.

  10. I’m just looking forward to the benefit concert. I’ll take Justin Timberlake again, a Rush tribute, and U2 cause benefit concerts are their thing.

  11. What a stupid, pointless article. SARS in North America wasn’t deadly at all. It killed 43 people in Canada, and 0 people in the United States. More Canadians have now died of coronavirus than basically every metric of death for everything, considering it’s <100 out of 30+ million.

  12. Remember when the Canadian advisor for WHO said it is low risk for Canadian. Now look what happen. Way too late people, expect cases to rise

  13. Yes all agreed…COVID is dangerous but 8,511 people died of flu in Canada in 2018.

  14. Seems it’s already been mentioned here but this is a completely pointless article. Apparently SARS killed 42 people in Canada and apparently less than 1000 people worldwide.

    Someone did mention that its useful for Canadians who experienced SARS to understand how dangerous this pandemic is but still, it’s weird.

  15. But still less than die in a year from the flu by multiples. Sorry: I feel sorry for those people getting this and dying but if we did not close everything down during H1N1, we should not be doing it here.

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