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More Than Half of Passengers on Antarctica Cruise Test Positive For Coronavirus

More Than Half of Passengers on Antarctica Cruise Test Positive For Coronavirus

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  1. How in THE HELL are people still getting on cruise ships

  2. Does this mean that all 7 continents have the virus now?

  3. This is interesting:

    > The passengers remaining on the boat who are confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 are all currently asymptomatic and none have fevers. It was not immediately clear whether they had been exhibiting symptoms previously.

    128 of the 217 had tested positive for coronavirus, and 89 had tested negative. The 128 are currently not exhibiting symptoms, while 6 people had previously been taken off the ship and given treatment.

    In this lab experiment: 62% positive, 4.4% of positive cases requiring treatment of some sort (the 6 removed already), but all of them are reported in stable condition. Presumably no fatalities will result.

  4. Even Antarctica …

    Almost 60 percent of people on board a cruise ship bound for Antarctica have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the cruise line Aurora Expeditions confirmed.

    The Greg Mortimer, a relatively small ship operated by the Australia-based travel company, is currently stranded off the coast of Montevideo, Uruguay, holding 217 passengers and crew members from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and several European countries, according to a press release.

  5. Wasn’t it Dr. Drew Pinsky saying to go ahead and take that cruise…


  6. how are people still taking cruises

  7. It only cost $25,000 dollars each to catch Covid on this ship.

  8. Shouldn’t the ship fuck off back to NZ/ AUS? Amazing the Uruguayans let them pile out diseased people into their hospitals.

  9. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

  10. Cruise industry is fucking DONE after this. Thank god.

  11. > “We have been advised that European and American passengers that have tested positive to COVID-19 unfortunately must wait until they have a negative test result, after which we will be able to organize their departure via Sao Paulo [Brazil] and then to their final destination,” the company stated

    More than half of Covid-19 deaths in Brazil (553) are in the Sao Paulo city (371) and almost half of confirmed cases in Brazil (13.717) are also in Sao Paulo (5.682).

  12. why the fuck are a. people still going on vacations/cruises and b. companies still allowing these places/ships to be open????

  13. These cruise ship articles always contain the sentence or variant of a sentence of “the ship had departed before the company had suspended cruises due to the pandemic.” Ignoring the valid criticism that by mid March passengers should have already been aware of the risks and should have cancelled on their own volition…if a cruise company announces that trips are suspended, why are the ships that are out at sea still allowed to continue their cruise? Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to immediately turn all ships around and return to port ASAP? What had they been doing for the past 3 weeks?

  14. I had two wonderful cruise experiences in the past (Greek Islands and Western Caribbean), but it’ll be a hot day in Antartica before I go on one again. But it seems to me that the insurance companies will put a quick end to the whole industry pretty quickly. I, personally, will be sad, but only because of my good cruises.

  15. Is this r/DarwinAwards?

  16. How are they getting tested? We are having a difficult time getting tests in the US and other places, yet they seem to be in abundance on cruise ships. Are they flying people out on helicopters with test kits?

  17. Why the fuck are people still getting on cruise ships

  18. I tested negative for the carevirus

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