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Mother meets deceased child in VR

Mother meets deceased child in VR

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  1. This is a little creepy but if this is your way of getting closure, I hope it helps.

  2. The technology is stunning but the application is heart wrenching.

  3. >Whether conjuring virtual doppelgangers of lost loved ones may one day be considered an unnecessary re-traumatization, or a valid coping mechanism to help overcome tragedy, we just can’t say for now.

    This was my thought.

  4. Lot of judgey here. But actually I have a friend who has started using VR to record places and people for future memory, allowing him to one day virtually walk around in pieces of his past. VR is so much more powerful an experience than simply looking at a photograph that this seems completely logical.

  5. This will do more damage then good

  6. Sounds like an episode of Black Mirror

  7. Wtf. This would cause more trauma. People preying on vulnerability of others smdh.

  8. [“Software error made me lose my child for a second time.”](https://i.imgur.com/AiF7WII.png) /s

  9. Completely fucked up by any standard. WTF is up with this?

  10. I played Skyrim in a PS4VR and the memories I have of it are vivid enough to where it feels like I was actually there. This however is just.. I mean I think it’s better to accept the fact that people die and to just get over it somehow. & (if you have Christian+supernatural beliefs, you can take comfort in knowing they’re just in the spirit realm until Tribulation happens)

  11. There are just too many damn horror video games coming out on VR. Cliche af.

  12. this gives me mixed feelings, yeah i could see the medical application in this , e.g closure from a recent death, or something like that to begin with but I could see more abuse from this.

  13. Can any VR fans please help me out? 4k phone is needed with goggles to remove “the flyscreen artifact”.

    It does not seem like there are any 4k phones out there. Sony used to have the XPeria. Anyone know of any in production?

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