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Mountainous Summoners Fires Up a Fresh Collaboration with One-Punch Man

Grand Summoners x One-Punch Man

Closing 300 and sixty five days, Mountainous Summoners gamers were treated to a crossover tournament with One-Punch Man, and now Saitama and co. are at final abet for extra. Fans can look ahead to the assorted to nab some OPM devices by taking half in the special Crossover Quest, apart from recent buffs for all OPM devices, recent equips, and further straight from the area of One-Punch Man

Very best of all, you would secure without a doubt one of 5 characters from the sequence without cost. All gamers will secure a assured crossover value for FREE on their first login to the One-Punch Man crossover, so take a look at for either Saitama, Ghastly Twister, Hellish Blizzard, Velocity-o’-Sound Sonic, and Garou to be at your disposal good away. 

To boot to the accessible devices, you would fabricate Genos and Boros by clearing the “Hero from Every other World” crossover tournament. All characters maintain their very hang entirely-sharp special talents, and the memoir is an unique story that has Saitama and the comfort entering the area of Mountainous Summoners

Take a look at out the recent trailer: 

Beyond all of this, the tournament also aspects recent buffs and equips—all OPM devices maintain been reinforced from their old versions, for occasion, and recent equipment entails the Fresh Hero Swimsuit and Genos Vest—apart from login rewards (free summoning tickets, free crystals, free Success Gemstones, and further), diminutive-time events, and the capacity to upgrade OPM devices to 120 Success. 

Character art:

Head over to the decent Twitter for extra recordsdata and links to register at the moment time! 

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