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Mumps warning as Northern Ireland cases up 700%

Mumps warning as Northern Ireland cases up 700%

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  1. I actually had mumps as a kid and then meningitis as a complication – 10/10 would not recommend.

  2. To make it clear to the people saying anti vaxxers in the comments, Northern Ireland does not have an anti vaxer problem its the second jab that some people just dont bother getting as they just cant be fucked because the they are to busy with education and partying at that age.

  3. Thankfully my parents aren’t fucking idiots and I’m vaccinated.

  4. “A 700% rise in cases of mumps in Northern Ireland is partly due to the vaccine becoming less effective over time.”

    Literally the first sentence. This isn’t due to anti-vaxxers. Damn people.

  5. Can people in this thread please stop blaming anti-vaxers for this? Read the article and its explained by a doctor what’s caused this. And I’m guessing she has a little bit more knowledge on the subject than the average conclusion jumping redditor.

  6. Probably went from 2 cases to 14

  7. > Whilst the majority of all cases, including young adults, have received two doses of MMR vaccine (77%), the proportion of people with less than two doses (23%) is enough to continue to drive the spread of mumps every three to four years and this is what we are seeing during 2019,” she said.

    I didn’t know you need 3 shots for Mumps.

  8. Honestly I was only offered one dose of it. I don’t know anyone who got more of the injections. I never even realised it was a thing.

    No wonder it’s wearing off for people.

  9. Some of the wonderful complications from mumps include pancreatitis, encephalitis, meningitis, and deafness. Thank your local antivaxxers for bringing this upon the population.

  10. It sounds like between Brexit and the mumps, we’re about to see a resurgence of The Mumbles across Northern Ireland.

  11. Who’s got mumps on their lumps?

  12. Are we actually living in the contagion universe

  13. Do you want grandchildren? Get your kids and especially your sons their mumps vaccination. Mumps defend for the testicles. This can render a boy sterile.

  14. In unrelated news, autism cases in Ireland remain unchanged.

  15. How are anti-vaxxers even a thing… holy bejeezus

  16. Mumps just remind me of Brooklyn Nine Nine

  17. Please get your boosters everyone! It’s super important.

  18. I had mumps when I was a little kid. About 10% of cases morph into meningitis which it did in my case. Made me deaf in my left ear.

  19. Just wait guys, the essential oils, sage, and elderberry will kick in soon.

  20. Oh no im so sorry its the Moops. Correct answer is the Moops! THE MOOPS

  21. Dunno if this is relevant but I’ve had the MMR vaccines and I currently right now have mumps and it seems like more people around me at uni are getting it as well. The pain is fucking terrible.

  22. There are some serious issues with the mumps vaccine.

    According to the whistle blowers currently in court, Merck was faking the effectiveness of the mumps vaccine. Others are claiming a waning immunity.

    Either way it is time to update the vaccine and perhaps start making sure international travelers are vaccinated before they are allowed to return from places with active infections.

  23. But autism cases down! Looooool

  24. Is this because of global warming?

  25. I always liked the metaphor of anti vaccination persons being likened to someone swimming across a river instead of taking a bridge because the bridge might break and fall into the river.

  26. You got Anti Vaxxers and then me.

    Invincible. As in, I’m up to date.


  27. Let me guess, some millenial journalist will blame this on climate change….

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