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Musiad Expo 2020 in Turkey … Economic coexistence with Corona and efforts to attract investments

The great Turkish interest in organizing the International Business Forum “MUSIAD EXPO 2020” reflects Ankara’s desire to continue efforts to revive its economy and overcome the challenges posed by the spread of the emerging coronavirus pandemic that causes Covid-19 disease.

The 24th edition of the forum – which began its work in Istanbul on Wednesday and continues until tomorrow, Saturday – represents a remarkable attempt to restore the international economic activities that the Turkish city used to embrace in the last decade, before it stopped in the first quarter of this year due to the spread of the pandemic.

The Turkish keenness to give this forum a qualitative position was evident by holding it under the patronage of the President of the Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan and in the presence of the staff of his government and leaders of Turkish economic institutions, and it has made great efforts to raise the momentum of the quantitative presence in it by organizing it in a way that combines the actual presence on the ground and the virtual visit through applications Internet.

Living with COVID-19

“The language of the pandemic challenge” was not lost on the vocabulary of the largest and most comprehensive economic exhibition in Turkey, nor from its rhetorical outputs and visual identity that was evident in the themes of the 24th International Business Forum (IBF) conference, which was held on the sidelines under the title “Economy: Coexistence with Covid-19” And the continuity of economic life. “

Entrance to the Musiad Expo 2020 (Al Jazeera)

The strict preventive measures taken by the conference organizers demonstrate the level of seriousness of the Turkish economic sector in achieving coexistence between efforts to advance the economy on the one hand, and maintaining international safety standards to prevent the Corona virus in a country that has suffered and is still suffering from the damages of the pandemic.

Anyone who does not wear a medical mask is prevented from entering the major exhibition grounds (TUYAP) that hosts the forum, as well as maintaining social distancing distance, sterilization, temperature checks and showing the government electronic medical examination code that proves one’s safety from the virus.

Special teams are also deployed among the attendees to control the density of the participants’ gatherings, and to carry out continuous sterilization on the site.

The organizers of the forum confirm that they took into account the safety instructions imposed by the Turkish government to confront the spread of the pandemic during the preparation of its activities, which made its establishment possible in light of ensuring that the epidemic is sensitively dealt with.

The importance of the forum

Head of the Foreign Investment Development Unit in Al-Musiad Youth, Yusef Iqbal, said that the association had set its sights on taking advantage of the exhibition to improve the status of the Turkish economy, which was affected by all global economies by Covid-19.

Iqbal – who heads one of the companies affiliated with MUSIAD – explained that he did not find anything to prevent his company from participating this year as in all previous years, as long as measures were taken to ensure the safety of all participants.

Yusef Iqbal: The exhibition is an opportunity to improve the status of the Turkish economy, which has affected all global economies by Covid-19 (Al-Jazeera)

The Turkish businessman pointed out that the experience of holding electronic exhibitions has become a global trend that recorded many experiences of success and failure in recent months, depending on the capabilities of the organizers and their efficiency in managing electronic display platforms.

Iqbal stated – in an interview with Al Jazeera Net – that MUSIAD’s 20-year experience in organizing this forum motivated visitors to attend and opened the door for participants who could not reach Istanbul due to the closure of their countries, to deal with the digital exhibition.

Iqbal pointed out that the importance of the forum lies in being one of the addresses that attract foreign investors to Turkey on the one hand, and on the thirst of Turkish exporters to open more markets and establish partnerships with importers through bilateral agreements hosted by the forum.

He believed that the forum represented an important opportunity for Turkish producers who benefited from the low exchange rate of the lira inside Turkey in raising the level of exports abroad, explaining that the low exchange rate of the lira against the dollar was “an advantage until today in terms of the export capacity of producers who found in the forum an opportunity at the time.” To improve their trade. “

The largest exhibitions

According to the Turkish Independent Businessmen and Industrial Association “Musiad”, more than 100,000 visitors represent more than 40,000 companies participating in the “Musiad International Trade Expo”, which includes more than 8,000 bilateral working sessions between visitors and delegations.

The exhibition will be attended by foreign purchasing missions from 88 countries, including Qatar, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Iran and Venezuela, while the Musiad Global Trade and Honorary Diplomacy Summit and the 24th International Business Forum will be held on its sidelines.

An employee in one of the medical teams deployed at the Musiad Expo 2020 as part of the measures to confront the Covid-19 epidemic (Al-Jazeera)

Drive the wheel

And the Turkish Minister of Industry Mustafa Warnak considered – during his speech at the opening – that the exhibition represents an opportunity to enhance trade exchange and contribute to the recovery of companies from the negative effects of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and he explained that his country aims to be a conduit for global trade and a financial center for attracting foreign capital. Through a set of incentive packages and facilities that it will provide to all investors.

The holding of the forum coincided with calls made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to all investors, to invest in all fields and sectors in his country, explaining that his government will focus more on production, investment, employment and export in the new phase.

Erdogan indicated – in a speech delivered during his participation in the consultative meeting of the Federation of Turkish Chambers and Exchanges, which was held in the capital, Ankara, on Wednesday – that his government will continue to work to reduce the rate of inflation to below 10%, with a focus on preserving the wheel of growth and employment and reducing bank interest to allow more climate. Positive for investors.

Erdogan indicated that the reforms implemented by the state raised Turkey 27 ranks, to 33 out of 190 countries in the ease of doing business index, pointing out that the preliminary data for September confirm that Turkey will end the performance of the third quarter of the year with strong growth.

What is “MUSIAD”?

The Association of Independent Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists “MUSIAD” has been implementing a huge trade fair in Istanbul once every two years, since its establishment in 1990 as a non-profit organization by 5 Turkish businessmen and industrialists.

Today, MUSIAD represents 11 thousand affiliates and 46 thousand companies from Turkey, whose economic activities provide 1.6 million job opportunities, and carry out their activities through 86 centers distributed over all states of Turkey, as well as manage 217 representative offices in 87 countries, which is thus one of the largest gatherings of Turkish businessmen.

The activities of the associations represented in “MUSIAD” cover the sectors of industrial products, engines, spare parts, electronic products, electrical equipment, urban and construction industries, textiles, clothing, cars, furniture, metals, and others.

The association says that it seeks to preserve local and global social and cultural values, raise the level of exports and increase economic development.

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