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Myanmar .. Military Council appoints 11 ministers and the Security Council holds an emergency session

The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday morning to discuss the situation in Burma, while the official TV in Myanmar announced that the ruling military council has dismissed 24 ministers and their deputies.

The announcement also stated that the council appointed 11 ministers in portfolios, including finance, health, media, foreign affairs, defense and interior.

These changes come hours after the army seized power and detained government officials, including Government Adviser Aung San Sochi.

And according to what was stated in the work program of the current British Presidency of the Council, which was approved by the members on Monday, the meeting will be closed and held via video technology.

Britain had long called for a meeting on the issue of Myanmar, to be held Thursday in open form, followed by closed consultations. And because of the military coup that took place on Monday, this meeting became emergency and closed.

In a press conference presenting the council’s program in February, the British ambassador to the United Nations, Barbara Woodward, emphasized the need for “an extremely constructive debate on Myanmar (with) considering a series of measures in respect of the will of the people expressed during the elections and the release.” For civil society leaders.

One vote

In response to a question during his daily press presentation about what the Security Council will decide, International Organization spokesman Stephane Dujarric affirmed that “the important thing is for the international community to speak with one voice” regarding the recent developments in the country.

Stefan Dujarric also said that there is fear that the coup in Myanmar will increase the situation of those belonging to the Muslim Rohingya minority who did not emigrate worse.

He explained that 160,000 of them live in camps that they cannot leave.

While many countries in the world condemned the move, the United Nations expressed its fear of the impact of the coup on the Rohingya crisis.

For her part, White House spokeswoman Jane Saki said that the United States had removed sanctions imposed on Myanmar in the past due to its progress towards democracy.

Saki said during a White House press conference on Monday that the interruption of the democratic path in Myanmar means a review of US policy towards this country, and perhaps re-imposing sanctions on it.

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