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Mysterious disappearance of the smartest Senegalese student in France

French magazine Le Point said in a report that the 20-year-old Diary Sue, who is considered “the best student in Senegal”, has disappeared since the fourth of this month.

All possibilities, including escaping, remain open, after the news of this young Senegalese student in Paris has been interrupted since January 4, and is known in her country, where she embodies a model of academic success, according to what was reported by a source familiar with the file on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

An investigation has been opened in France into the “suspicious disappearance” since this young woman was absent from resuming classes after the Christmas break at Louis Kabir High School in Paris, where she is studying in the preparatory department.

According to the Association of Senegalese Students in Toulouse, Diary Soue spent the end of the year vacation in this southwestern French city with her best friend, a medical student. She was scheduled to leave January 1; But her trace disappeared since that time, and she did not return to school with the resumption of lessons on the fourth of this month in Paris.

Henri Sarr, a member of the Senegalese Students’ Association, who launched the invitations on social media, told AFP that she was a “disciplined student, very serious, and the alert was made to her rapid disappearance, as no one saw her, and we did not find her in her apartment.”

Thank you for packing.

The magazine adds that, according to a source familiar with the file, the Senegalese consul reported the disappearance on January 7. A disappearance notice was posted on the consulate’s website, along with a photo of the young woman and a phone number.

According to a member of the Senegalese community in Paris, Daouda Mbaye, who organized the distribution of leaflets on Sunday in the 13th arrondissement in Paris, where the young woman was living, “her parents, friends, guardian, and the embassy did not receive any news.”

On Sunday, the young woman’s sponsor, former Education Minister Sirin Mbaye Thiam, posted a tweet in which he wrote that “Since the news was announced, the Senegalese and French authorities have been doing everything in their power to find my home for Sue, so we can trust them .. Thank you for mobilizing for the sake of my country. We reserve hope. “

Diary Sue was named “Best Student in Senegal” in 2018 and 2019 and is the author of the novel “An Angelic Face” published in 2020.

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