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Mysterious murders and thrilling secrets … Best documentaries of 2020

Dramatic films are no longer the only ones that attract the audience and make them feel fun. After the audience opened a door to foreign films of non-American and British nationalities, many followers turned to films of various nationalities and cultures away from Hollywood.

The same thing happened with movies and documentary series that used to have a limited audience, but with the passage of time and the increase in the numbers and quality produced annually, especially in light of the spread of contemporary broadcasting platforms, documentaries turned into an interesting drama and worth watching. Here are some of the most important documentaries produced in 2020:

Best for social media addicts

Without a doubt, “The Social Dilemma” is one of the most important films of this year, which justifies its ranking among the ten most watched movies on the Netflix platform once it is shown. It revolves around a very sensitive topic, and it concerns everyone who uses social media platforms and popular sites that have become a source of addiction.

The film relied on highly confidential and accurate information provided by workers in this field to educate users and open their eyes to the need to deal differently with those platforms that exploit them in deliberate and hidden ways to serve their interests.

Appearances are deceptive

Every day on communication platforms, we see many personal pictures of people laughing and reflecting a happy face of life, so we believe them and think between us and ourselves that we are the only ones who go through daily difficulties, while others live a stable and enjoyable life. But appearances are deceptive, because everything we see is not real, or at least it is all the truth, but just a part of an image that we do not see dark and realistic.

The documentary “An American Murder: The Neighbor’s Camera” (Communication Sites)

This is what was proven by the movie “American Murder: The Family Next Door”, based on a true story, starring an American family, who was famous on communication platforms for their happy and fun posts throughout the years, which made the brutal crime to which some were exposed. The members of this family shock everyone and become the talk of the hour at that time, especially after the perpetrator is revealed.

Does everyone deserve a second chance?

From Murder to Mercy: The Story of Cyntoia Brown (Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story) is another crime thriller about a real incident that took place in 2004, starring a girl who was not yet 16 years old when she committed a murder. She described her as self-defense and investigators found her a crime. He was murdered with premeditation, prompting a judge to sentence her to 60 years in prison.

However, the matter did not stop at this point, given the family history of the girl, we find that she came from a family where women have suffered for generations from psychological disorders, exposure to physical and sexual abuse, and even suicide attempts. This prompted some lawyers to try to reduce the sentence for the heroine.

The defendant was proven to suffer from a psychological disorder due to her mother’s addiction to alcohol during her pregnancy, and its effects include paranoia and violent and reckless reactions. The work took us on a journey that spanned nearly 15 years, during which the heroine or the lawyers volunteering to defend her did not give up knocking on all the doors that could give her a new lease on life.

The dark side in the world of gymnastics

“Athlete A” is one of the most important documentaries released after the “Me Too” movement. The film reviews how the American doctor “Larry Nassar” – who used to work as a therapist for the American women’s gymnastics team for nearly 20 years – exploited His position in harassment of female players until his victims exceeded 260 girls.

However, the decision by some of the players to confront and insist on opening this file, puts the American Gymnastics Federation in the face of fire to reveal a shameful series of violations that the players have always been exposed to, and the officials tried to cover them up, even at the expense of the girls and their psychological and physical safety.

The last dance

Whether you love basketball or not, you probably know who Michael Jordan is, the American basketball legend, and the makers of the short documentary series “The Last Dance” have chosen to focus on the recent 1997-1998 championship season, instead of telling a life story. The entire player.

And through this epic documentary work, the audience witnessed what happened behind the scenes of this special season, and how the team struggled and resigned to winning the championship despite the conflicts and quarrels that were going on at the time. Viewers found it a drama brimming with classic memories, and nostalgia for a period of time dominated by the unrepeatable Jordan legend.

The interesting thing is that the work won the approval of everyone, even those who are not interested in basketball, which culminated in the series winning the Emmy Award and ranking 15th in the IMDb list of the best 250 series in the history of drama, as well as giving the audience a rating of 9.1 points, according to the site itself .

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