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Nagorny Karabakh … Azerbaijan’s drones ignite the black garden

The French newspaper Le Figaro said that Azerbaijan used its air supremacy to cause great losses in Nagorny Karabakh, which means “the black garden”, referring to the ambulance convoys coming from the capital of Armenia to help the population, and the situation of the rebel region’s capital, Stepanakert, which it likened to a dead city.

“Their kamikaze drones make a difference,” said a soldier returning from the battlefield while taking a break in a cafe, in a field report by Reggie Jante.

The reporter indicated that the Azerbaijani regime apparently wants to restore its positions in the “occupied lands” around Nagorny Karabakh, due to the inability and desire to restore the region itself, and therefore its forces focus their efforts in particular on the Fizuli flat area on the Iranian border, and on the mountains north of the separatist province. As it happened during the “Four Day War” in 2016.

In an indication that Baku has greater motives than the case in 2016 when it seized a few hundred hectares from the separatists, this time it targeted the capital of the region with several shells, but two Israeli-made “Harup” drones were shot down over the city, he recounts. correspondent.

However – the reporter says – the lives of the residents of Stepanakert, who number about 55 thousand people, are controlled by the sounds of explosions that are heard from afar, and the sound of sirens that go off when drones approach.

This is the first time since 1993 that Stepanakert has been attacked, and baker Camila, 60, nervously kneading her dough, says, “They sent us shells on Sunday, this indicates that they really want to get rid of us this time, the customers are few, we are all trapped in homes, some of us.” In her cellars. “

“We all know very well what a war is,” Al-Khabaza added. “At the end of the period 1988-1994 (during which the region gained effective independence) my son was injured in the head, and since then he has undergone 7 surgeries.”

Dead city

Stepanakert seems to be a dead city, as the writer says. Schools and restaurants are closed, as are many companies and stores, and every family expects the departure of its men as reservists or volunteers to join the battlefront or the 200-kilometer “contact line” which Azerbaijani forces chose this time to attack in different places. .

The reporter warned that Azerbaijan was able, thanks to its unexpected gains from oil and gas, to provide the best attack drones from Israel, and also others made by the Turkish elder brother, and therefore its air superiority gives its forces a sure advantage over its Armenian competitors who are suffering and seek revenge by engaging in a war. Informational.

Without providing evidence yet – as the writer says – Yerevan and Stepanakert claim that the Turkish F-16s came from Azerbaijani lands to strike certain sites, including the Armenian airspace, and Armenia also says that one of its planes is a model. The SU-25 was shot down by an F-16.

While the Armenian side is forced to admit nearly 100 dead – including 5 civilians – it compensates the silence of the Azerbaijanis for their losses by publishing videos showing the bodies, luggage and personal equipment of enemy soldiers, where a customer in Camila’s bakery shows excerpts from these videos on his cell phone – Without joy – “They are also suffering from hell, do not believe that their spirits are so high, they may have Erdogan’s drones, but we have to find a solution to their drones.”

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