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Nashville bombing .. investigation suggests suicide action and federal agents search the home of someone who has aroused interest

CNN quoted investigators as saying that the bombing in Nashville may have been an act of suicide, while FBI agents searched the residence of a person who had aroused police interest as they investigated the bombing in the city center.

And US media reported that the house belonged to a man named Anthony Quinn Warner. CBS News reported that the person was a resident of Nashville and owned a vehicle that met the specifications of the one that exploded in the city center.

At a conference held Saturday noon local time, a Nashville police spokesman confirmed that no identification had been reached yet for the attack, which occurred on Friday morning, which resulted in the injury of 3 people and the destruction of 40 buildings.

The spokesman said that investigators are confident of their ability to reach the perpetrator of the attack as soon as possible.

Hundreds of members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other federal agencies and Tennessee State Police are participating in the ongoing investigations, and they work on multiple paths, and they have collected samples from the site of the explosion.

For his part, a representative of the “FBI” in the Joint Investigation Team in Nashville said that there were no indications of new threats in the city.

Ongoing investigations

Pending conclusive evidence, investigators expand the scope of research, while local authorities said they are investigating whether the bombing was a possible terrorist act, whether it was local or international.

The Al-Jazeera correspondent said that experts and former security officials tend to classify the Nashville bombing as “domestic terrorism”, due to its nature and the political messages it carries.

The authorities raised the hypothesis of the terrorist act even though they said that the attacker was not seeking – apparently – for casualties, since the bombing took place in an area free of pedestrians, as preceded by a recorded warning emanating from inside the vehicle.

As part of the ongoing investigations, investigators found body parts believed to be human in the wreckage of the vehicle that exploded on Friday morning.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake said that police heard a recorded message in the voice of a woman warning that “a bomb will explode within 15 minutes.”

“This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message, leave the area now,” said the recorded message, which was later broadcast by local TV channels.

Andrew McCabe, a former FBI deputy, told CNN that an explosion of this magnitude would be investigated as a possible terrorist act on a local or international level.

And investigators suggested yesterday that the bomber used an unprecedented amount of explosives.

case of emergency

In the context of the repercussions of the bombing, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said – Saturday – that he had asked President Trump to declare an emergency to support the ongoing relief efforts after the Nashville bombing.

Lee added that he had inspected the site of the bombing and described the damage as shocking, saying that no casualties were reported.

The Mayor of Nashville John Cooper imposed a state of civil emergency in the area that witnessed the explosion.

He explained that he had signed an executive order imposing a curfew in the area from 4:30 pm on Friday to 4:30 pm on Sunday (local time).

Flight ban

And earlier Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced a ban on flying over Nashville, and classified the airspace over the city as National Defense Airspace.

The decision permits the use of lethal force against any aircraft if it is found to pose an imminent security threat. It also provides for the interception, detention and interrogation of pilots who do not adhere to the decision.

This comes at a time when the Mayor of Nashville declared a state of emergency in the city, and a curfew until tomorrow, Sunday, in the affected area.

Al-Jazeera correspondent Murad Hashem reported that two civilian planes crossed the airspace of Nashville today before the ban took effect, adding that the city authorities prevent people from reaching the area where the plane exploded.

The reporter indicated that the authorities circulated the image of the vehicle, and asked to provide it with any information that would help them determine who was behind the attack, which occurred on Christmas morning.

He also indicated that the authorities in Nashville say there is no threat of another bombing after the police carried out combing operations for any other explosives.

Yesterday, the police confirmed that they believed the bombing was deliberate, and that they were investigating its motives, and published a picture of the vehicle used in the attack, and said that it arrived at Second Avenue at 1:22 am after midnight, and asked everyone who saw it or had information about it to contact her on a phone number I attached it to the picture.

For his part, the FBI asked citizens to provide it with any information that could be useful in identifying the perpetrator of the attack.

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