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Netanyahu tweets in Arabic and calls Ibn Zayed … an Emirati ship in Haifa Port and activists describe it as “shameful.”

The Israeli government today unanimously ratified the agreement to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE, which was signed in Washington last month. The agreement will be presented for discussion and voting in the Knesset next Thursday.

The eighth newsletter – your publication (12/10/2020) monitored the announcement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the beginning of the weekly session of his government that the agreement includes the opening of Saudi airspace to Israeli aircraft and flights to and from Israel.

In a tweet on his Arabic-speaking account on Twitter, the Israeli prime minister said, “In light of the great support the agreement enjoys in Israel, he believes that the Knesset will ratify it without delay, and Prime Minister Netanyahu and Crown Prince Bin Zayed have agreed to meet soon.”

The Israeli government’s ratification of the normalization agreement coincided with the first announced phone call between Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and bin Zayed said in a tweet to him, “I received a phone call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during which we talked about strengthening relations between the two countries. In addition to the prospects for peace and the region’s need for stability, cooperation and development. “

Academic Fahd Odeh welcomed the successive contacts and wrote, “Good luck to our brothers in the Arab Emirates, a wise leadership to bring peace to the region. The era of false slogans promoted by the cause’s mercenaries and mercenaries has ended. Arab peoples have realized that they have been misled for decades.”

Whereas journalist Maryam Muhammad considered the announcement of the connection a sense of weakness and inferiority, and said, “If every time a president or official made a contact with another state official he wrote and boasted about it on Twitter, the site would turn into an account affiliated with the“ UN Foreign Ministry, ”your sense of weakness and inferiority is what It prompts you to declare your permanent relationship and communication with Israel. Congratulations on your humiliation, and normalization is still a betrayal. “

commercial exchange

Today, at dawn, the first cargo ship loaded with goods from the UAE to Israel docked at dawn, and for the first time, 15 containers loaded with goods were loaded and designated for Israeli companies, investors and suppliers before the ship took off.

Haifa Port officials expected that the volume of goods loaded from Dubai Port to Israel will increase in the near future, to reach 150 containers per week, noting that Israeli companies and investors want to take advantage of the economic advantages provided by shipping goods from Dubai Port, as customs cuts And the shipping procedures they described are easy.

Activist Turki Al-Shalhoub wished that the ship would reach Gaza to lift the siege on it.

While the activist Adham Abu Salmiya described the ship as “disgrace,” he said, “The Emirati ship of shame has desecrated at these moments the occupied Palestinian port of Haifa. All attempts by the UAE Zionists to establish the existence of the occupation or its right to remain on our land will not succeed.”

An account in the name of Shail al-Dhabi called for Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE to build a railroad between them. He wrote, “I hope that the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel will agree to establish an advanced railway to transport goods from the Gulf to the White Sea, as well as oil supplies from the UAE and Saudi Arabia to the White Sea, which will have returns and economic growth. Mighty high for the mentioned countries. “

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