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Netflix brings Harry and Meghan back into the limelight … with a TV series that violates their privacy

The cameras are expected to accompany the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a period of 3 months, to closely visualize their private lives and charitable work, although this completely contradicts what we announced previously when they left the royal family and moved to California.

In a report published by the British newspaper “dailymail”, writer Sophie Tano revealed that Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle had agreed to shoot a reality TV series for the benefit of the “Netflix” platform.

The writer confirmed that the royal duo signed a contract worth 112 million pounds sterling with Netflix to shoot TV series, documentaries and shows for children.

“They may have had noble intentions to produce artworks that shed light on environmental and social issues,” the writer quoted an informed source as saying to The Sun. “But it is clear that Netflix is ​​mainly thinking about material gains,” she said.

She added, “Everything will be wonderful … the series will not be of the quality of reality television, as they want to give the audience a glimpse into their private lives to get to know the charitable work they are doing.”


However, writer Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, describes Harry and Meghan’s hypocritical behavior after they agreed to shoot the series. But they are “doing just the opposite.”

“Viewers will be interested in seeing what the couple are doing,” public relations expert Mark Burkowski told The Sun newspaper. Own. “

A spokesman for the “Netflix” network revealed that “the couple has many projects currently under implementation, including an innovative documentary series on nature, and an animated series that celebrates creative women; but we will not announce any details about these programs at this time.”

Netflix stated that the couple, who split from the royal family at the end of last March, have established their own company to produce films and documentaries, and are currently working on selecting the right people to play the main roles in these works.

The royal couple signed a contract worth 112 million pounds sterling with Netflix to shoot TV series (networking sites)

Most viewed content

Netflix co-founder and CEO Red Hastings said earlier this month that the movies and series the couple will produce with the network will be the “most watched” content on Netflix next year.

Hastings confirmed that Harry and Meghan showed “intelligence” in promoting their ideas through major production companies before finally signing with “Netflix”.

The writer says that Hastings ignored critics’ questions about whether content, which aims to create positive change in society, as Harry and Meghan are planning, is able to grab the attention of the audience as an entertainment material.

According to the writer, the couple may appear in front of the camera in their documentaries, although Megan, who had starred in the famous drama series “Suits” in an earlier period, confirmed to Harry after their engagement that she was not planning to return to acting.

Markle had recently participated through the voice performance in a Disney movie that was broadcast last April, which narrates the story of a family of elephants and their journey through Africa.

Criticism of the Duke and Duchess

Apart from these developments and the contract they signed with Netflix, the author says that the Duke and Duchess have become at the center of the political debate in the United States, and have been accused of “transgressing their borders” and directing veiled criticism of President Donald Trump, after he invited American citizens to come out and vote massively in the upcoming elections.

Harry has called on voters to “reject hate speech, disinformation and negative information online,” all of which are accusations often made by critics of President Trump.

For her part, Megan did not hide in a TV interview on the occasion of her selection among the 100 most influential people in the world according to “Time Magazine”, her hatred for the current president, and described the November elections as the most important election in her life.

Prince Harry also expressed his displeasure at his inability to exercise his democratic right to vote; Because of the agreement stating that he must remain politically neutral as a member of the British royal family.

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