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New Brexit blue British passports are actually made in Poland

New Brexit blue British passports are actually made in Poland

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  2. Every time I see Boris Johnson, he looks more disheveled

  3. The red ones were prettier

  4. Brexit is so jaw droppingly dumb it beggars belief

  5. Maybe wait a bit before issuing them. It would be a shame to have to print them again in a few years when there’s only England in the “union”.

  6. > “*British competitor De La Rue lost out in the bidding process for the new documents.*”

    >”*they said they believed they came out ahead of their foreign rival on both quality and security*”

    A French Company won the bid just because it’s cheaper and is manufacturing them in Poland.

    Big takeaway: British manufacturing can’t compete with EU and will lose out even more in future bids.

  7. No worry Brits, your filthy rich elites will keep their burgundy colored ones, bought in Cyprus, among themselves, so you won’t have to look at them again.

  8. > the company’s chief executive Martin Sutherland challenged Theresa May to ‘explain to my dedicated workforce why it’s sensible to off-shore the manufacture of a British icon.

    While I’m not Theresa May, I can explain this to you fairly easily:

    * Brexit was NEVER about jobs, or migration, or independence and Sovereignty. Everyone with half a neuron in their brains knew that all of those would be hurt by leaving the EU. Being in the EU gave the UK **astonishing privileges** in a global context and helped it stay more sovereign, more employed, and more independent.

    * Brexit was about two things: a conservative faction preying on nationalist sentiment to get the likes of BoJo to government and a center-right faction (Cameron’s) attempt to shoot them down. Neither really cared about you, your workforce or British icons.

  9. Ever since I was a little boy I’ve wanted a blue passport. For almost every night of my childhood I cried into my pillow, sobbing and wailing in despair, as I thought I would never be able to have one. When I got in from school every day I would sit down and stare for hours at my grandad’s old passport, in its glorious, patriotic navy blue colour. Staring at it filled me with both gushing pride for the greatness this country once had, and melancholy for what it had become. We were once able to display our blue passports with a spring in our step, but the tyrannical, fascist European superstate robbed them from us. I cannot imagine what it must have felt like on the day they announced that our blue passports would be replaced with hideous, grotesque, horrible burgundy ones – it must have felt like finding out that your only child had been abducted by paedophiles.

    As I thought I would never have the honour of having a great British blue passport and would instead be relegated to using a burgundy one, as if I were some sort of lowly Polack or Frenchman, I decided that I would buy a rope and hang myself. But, in an act of what could only have been divine intervention, it was announced that there would be a referendum held on leaving the EU. I finally had a tiny sense of hope, but it was enough. I was nervous, giddy, restless. I spent countless months tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep. How could I, if I knew there was a chance however slight of me one day owning a blue passport?

    When the day of the referendum finally came, I knew what I had to do. It was the pencil-pushing bureaucrat scum in Brussels who had tormented me for what seemed like my entire life. Those cruel bullies were keeping the British people down with Burgundy-coloured shackles. But June the 23rd was the day we fought back. And won.

    I couldn’t believe it. When the results were announced, I wet myself out of euphoria. I was ecstatic. For the first time in my life, I was happy. My anguish and suffering was gone forever. We were finally going to get our blue passports back.

  10. Man the red one looks way better.

  11. I renewed mine this month and am happy i get to keep old brown/red for another 10 years.

  12. Kinda like how MAGA hats are made in China…

  13. Lmao at all the Americans getting involved at this.

    You elected TRUMP like 4 FUCKING YEARS AGO, we know how that went so let’s not compare political landscapes because it gets a little embaressing for the US in this scenario.

  14. And they look shite…

    Red ones looked so much better

  15. That’d not even the right shade of blue, Boris!

  16. Why do people think brexit means the UK no longer has anything to do with the rest of Europe? we still buy and sell a multitude of things to and from European countries and this is just one of them.

  17. No big deal . Trumps MAGA hats are made in China ..

  18. Gonna need to order new ones in about 8 months when Scotland And N.I. Decide to peace out of the kingdom.

  19. Not a brexit supporter, but, so what? It’s not as if the Brexit was intended to end all import export?

  20. Funny. The British company De La Rue that makes passports and money, lost its home nation contract to make the new British Brexit passport, to a European business. The century plus old business is facing trouble and could potentially go under. The irony is on another level.

  21. For people saying “so” and “who cares” etc, I’m pretty sure the upto 200 people losing their jobs in the UK care. Yes we are still obviously going to have products made outside the UK for financial reasons, but this won’t be the last company to have to cut jobs because of brexit. Many large corporate headquarters are being moved to EU nations, factory workers are going to lose jobs because of cheaper production costs in the EU now. Watch things get worse and then come back and ask “who cares” when it’s your job on the line.

  22. If the EU let them have their own passport design, would Brexit have happened?

  23. And your pants and shoes are made in china and indonesia, no matter what they state otherwise.

  24. Brexit doesn’t mean no trade or cooperation with Europe.

  25. Even more ironic than being made in France.

  26. So?

    I don’t remember the Leavers ever suggesting that Britain would or could become a completely self sufficient nation. Of course they will trade and outsource certain products. If you’re worried that they don’t make everything in Britain anymore you’re about forty years too late.

    I’m all for criticism of Brexit and Johnson but this seems like we’re grasping at something to be angry about because the country hasn’t sunk beneath the waves in shame yet.

  27. Are we surprised when the UK pays a French company to run it’s immigration processing centers?

  28. Does this world leader own a fucking hair brush or comb? fucking christ

  29. I am so sick of this government, fuck everything

  30. What company? The ads are blocking me it seems.

  31. Just because the U.K. is leaving the EU doesn’t mean we can’t engage in international trade? They used to be made by De La Rue but they didn’t offer the best deal this time around, so the government went elsewhere to save taxpayers money. Good job really…

  32. *But how will they import them*?

  33. Most passports are made in different countries.

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